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Accept Payments TODAY – Without Fear of Being Shut Down

A short form application and a real time approval – and you’re accepting payments.  We can even accept your customer’s data via API for one-click-submissions.  It’s the fastest way to get a real merchant account setup – bar none.  We can thank the EPD Gateway and tech team for that.

Thorough underwriting was necessary to protect your merchant accounts from being closed without warning… until now.

A deep network of fraud databases, business and personal profiles as well as payments oriented algorithms has given us a new way.  While we can’t auto-approve all business types, this cutting edge underwriting approach makes EPD ideal to use as a backend payment platform. If you are interested in getting started with Easy Pay Direct, click here!



Why It’s a Problem (more details)…


Merchant Account Aggregators

(like PayPal and Stripe) allow you to accept credit cards in near real time – which is great… until they hold your funds or close your account (for whatever reason).  What’s important to understand is that this is their business model; fast approvals, fast closures.  It’s simply how they moderate risk.  (you can read more on it here)

eCommerce Merchant Account Providers

Traditional Merchant Account Providers (that work with eCommerce businesses) don’t approve merchant accounts instantly – they “underwrite” accounts.  This allows them to assess their risk on the front end, which prevents the need to close accounts or hold funds spontaneously.  Of course, there are several unethical Merchant Account Providers who take the same “snatch and grab” approach that PayPal does.  You should stay away from them.

More about PayPal vs Traditional Merchant Accounts Here


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