Executive & Personal Assistant to the Founder of Easy Pay Direct
Executive (& Personal) Assistant
Starting Salary: $55,000-$75,000 (based on experience) + Benefits


Executive (& Personal) Assistant – Fall 2019


Starting Salary: $55,000-$75,000 (based on experience) + Benefits
(Health Insurance, 401k, Company Happy Hours & Lunches)

This will be the most challenging and the most rewarding position you’ve ever had.

What you’re signing up for:
The opportunity to look inside the mind of a successful, fast paced, intense, some times chaotic, passionate, easygoing, adventurous 38 year old entrepreneur.

Your primary focus will be to protect his time, financial interests, image/brand and multiply his effectiveness.
Success here will not happen simply by doing what you’re told.  You will need to know the desired outcomes, prioritize your time and projects – and make your own decisions as to how to best accomplish our goals.
From the inner workings of business operations, high level social soirees, business negotiations, property management and business travel — to handling and owning the challenging moments and tasks that a successful business and bizarre, interesting personal life is built on, you’ll get to experience it all first hand. With a close relationship, you’ll learn his personality and voice and ultimately manage the majority of his day to day activities, scheduling, correspondence, project management, research, & errands – among other activities.

If you want to clock in and clock out of your job – this isn’t for you.
Expect after hours and weekend calls from time to time.
Life doesn’t stop when the work day does – High performers work until their tasks are done, NOT just until the clock runs out. 

If you want to understand and be involved in business at a level that most never do – you’re in the right place.

INCREDIBLE Organizational skills, Intellect, honesty, great communication – and being very technically savvy are imperative – but there’s nothing in this world that can replace dedication, hard work and follow through.

Great businesses and people are built with excellent teams behind them.  The right person will have the opportunity to help uplift the CEO to new levels; personally and professionally – and gain an unparalleled education while doing so.  A desire to lead from behind and persist until the job is complete is critical.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

If it looks like you’ll be a good fit, your role will include (but is not limited to):

    • Organizing & Prioritizing the ongoing, never-ending list of tasks that need to be done
    • Helping Maintain Alignment in the CEO’s life
    • Making the CEO look good, feel good and perform at a higher level
    • Miscellaneous tasks for CEO – Personal & Business (from coffee to contract execution)
    • Traveling to events with CEO
    • Organizing live events
    • Orchestrating travel for the team
    • Organizing EPD events with local companies
    • Organizing & keeping the EPD office awesome (clean up, supplies, organization, etc)
    • Maintaining and creating digital assets
    • Writing articles
    • Online research
    • Interaction with a variety of entrepreneurs
    • Limited Property Management (with guidance)
    • Managing CEOs personal calendar
    • Miscellaneous tasks for CEO – Personal & Business

The ideal candidate has these qualities:

    • Highly organized – No really… must be unparalleled in the “being organized” category
      • And if you live with pen and paper but it’s never digital ~ this isn’t for you.
    • Takes great notes
    • Won’t take things personally: it’s NEVER about you!
    • Self-starter
    • Reliable & Stable
    • Quick learner
    • Multi-tasker
    • Loyal, relationship-driven
    • Can deal with profanity.  Life’s full of bullshit 😉
    • Amazing attention to detail
    • Resourceful
    • GREAT Memory
    • Great writer – with great spelling & grammar


    • A high level of attention to detail
    • The desire to OWN tasks – in and out of business hours
      • Leaving the office without completing a task = no bueno
    • Highly organized (did we mention that??)
    • Positive attitude
    • High energy
    • Hyper responsiveness
    • Amazing attention to detail (seriously)

This role is exciting, dynamic and fast paced.
The company is growing and the founder is highly active.
Keeping up with his activities and A type personality isn’t for everyone.

If you’re a high energy, motivated person that wants to grow and is up for the challenge, we want to know more about you.

Send an email to us at Hiring [at] EasyPayDirect.com with the following:

Subject: I’m your executive assistant because I’m _______ ←– (use one word to describe yourself)
Email Body:

  • List your last two bosses names, their titles and why you loved and hated working for them
  • List two words that each boss would use to describe you
  • Tell us your ideal situation
  • Tell us how many times we referenced the need to be detail oriented in this ad
  • Attach a PDF version of your resume

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

This is a full-time position, with a starting annual salary between $55-75k + benefits (based on experience)
(Health Insurance, 401k, Company Happy Hours & Lunches)

  • Wardee Harmon Wardee Harmon

    I’m so glad I found Easy Pay Direct! Customer service and merchant support are absolutely amazing and you’ve made it so easy for me to do automatic load balancing with multiple merchant accounts. I couldn’t be happier about switching to Easy Pay Direct!”

    Traditional Cooking School
    Wardee Harmon
  • Steven Poulos Steven Poulos

    The Easy Pay Direct team is great and easy to work with!”

    North Scottsdale Family Dentistry
    Steven Poulos
  • Mike Wreggit Mike Wreggit

    I’m very happy with the service I’ve received with Easy Pay Direct. They’ve been great. I presented them with the challenge of getting my merchant account set up in about a week before my first home show. They pulled it off with flying colors. They even overnighted my card slider to my hotel so I had it at the show. I sold a commission from the show and I was able to run the charge without a hitch. Ted was a great help throughout. I highly recommend Easy Pay Direct.”

    Mike Wreggit
  • Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Easy Pay Direct! I didn’t know how difficult it was to set up a merchant account, and you guys have made that process so easy for us. I call you the lightning bolt in Customer Service because you are so fast! You have been a pleasure to work with.”

    Build to Rock by LeapZone
    Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte
  • Lucy Whittington Lucy Whittington

    I tried Easy Pay Direct and have received such a high level of attention. I needed a ‘real person’, so I called and spoke to Gordon who has been amazing. I now have a merchant account and payment gateway. Easy! I’ll be recommending you to all my clients too.”

    Lucy Whittington
  • Peter Conti Peter Conti

    Easy Pay Direct simplified the application process and was able to get us connected with three or four different merchant accounts all within a matter of just a few short weeks. I would highly recommend Easy Pay Direct for anyone who’s looking for a merchant account provider!”

    Mentor Financial Group
    Peter Conti
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