Vp Operations



Have you effectively grown and managed a payment company but want something new?  Done with the normal “ISO” model?  Ready for something new and exciting ~ and compensation to keep you tied to the company’s growth?

We’re incredibly tech forward and push the limits of change in the payments space.
We’re a fast paced company and are more focused on growth than even this year.  We focus on outcomes are stay until the work is done, not until the clock runs out.

This will require hard work – and like many things that do, will be highly rewarding.

Our onboarding and merchant success teams are trained on the fundamentals of merchant services.  Beyond the typical training in the industry, they’re also trained to know the nuances of high-risk processing and the business models that need those services.  As an agent group that represents many processing solutions, it’s very important that the VP of Operations thoroughly understands these things as well.
Our training curriculum is solid, but needs love and expansion.  The Onboarding & Merchant Success teams needs a leader and structure we can build on.  There may come a time in the near future where we bring underwriting in-house. We’ll need someone to build out that department when the time comes.  We’re looking for an experienced, ROCK SOLID Vice President of Operations that can both put the fuzzy gloves on to support their awesome team and also hit deadlines, structure initiatives and get things done.

If you have experience with these things, we’d love to hear from you (see below).

The Position:
Objective: Strategically Plan and Execute for Operational Efficiency

Day to Day Activities:

    • Develop & lead the support team, sales team, channel, development and possibly an underwriting team
    • Oversee & Optimize Vendor relationships
    • Further structure and enhance internal sales and support protocols & training (and possibly underwriting as well)
    • Measure metrics to track improvement
    • Revenue & Reporting Analysis
    • Possible event attendance **Travel Required Periodically**
      • 1-2 days of attendance roughly once every other month
      • Huge opportunities exist at industry events and trade shows
    • Contract Review and Negotiation
    • Report progress to the CEO

Mid Term Projects:

    • Establish & maintain vendor relationships
      • Contract review & negotiations
    • Streamline & enhance Standard Operating Procedures
    • Streamline & enhance training programs
    • Implement & Guide software, sales and channel initiatives


    • At least 3 years of Operational Experience *in the merchant services industry*
    • Experience in the “High Risk” Payments Space
    • Ability to quantify and verify past *metric-focused* results
    • Hands-on leadership
    • Excellent communication skills – written and verbal
    • Tech-savvy – in-depth experience with CRMs and industry systems
    • You’re high on gratitude, giving praise and also high on results
    • Relocation to Austin, TX to work out of company HQ


    • Marketing experience (allows better rapport with clients)
    • Sales experience
    • Underwriting or Risk experience


    • Health Insurance
    • 401(K) with company match
    • An office stocked with snacks
    • Unlimited upward potential
    • Weekly Company Happy Hours
    • Company Sponsored Social Events

If this job sounds like it was made for you, please

Send us an email to Hiring[at]EasyPayDirect.com that includes:

    • Email Subject line: “I’m your Operations Manager | [Your Name ]”
    • Email Body:
      • The title and role of your last two positions – and also what you learned from each of them
      • An explanation of why you think you’re the best fit for this role – including experience to back it up

Make sure you include all elements and the correct title in the email. If any elements are missing, we disregard the email.