Hundreds of Integrations in ONE

Why do you need 100s of integrations in ONE?

In the 1990’s when the internet was getting mass exposure to the world, payments providers pushed software developers to do direct, exclusive integrations.  As a result, even today you’ll find software platforms that only work with one payment provider.  This allows developers to only do one integration but it also means that the merchant is subject to any rates, terms or conditions that the payment provider wants to inflict on that business owner. The biggest issue:  ALL Merchant Account Providers are contractually allowed to change their rates or terms at any point in time.  Even the best providers have issues.


The 2020 approach

Easy Pay Direct is integrated with every payment platform (thus every Merchant Account Provider) under the sun.  When you do an  Easy Pay Direct integration, you allow the business owner to quickly and easily select the payment provider they’re most comfortable working with.  If they don’t have a preferred provider we’re happy to set that for them as well; AT NO COST.  And of course, if you want an extra revenue stream, we can work with you on that as well. {More on the Partner Program}

Whether you’re doing an integration with Easy Pay Direct for a single merchant account, or you’re using our Integrated Onboarding option for a software you’re building, we are designed to be a one stop shop.

The EPD advantage

  • One Easy API
  • Fully integrated Fraud Scrubbing
  • Quickbooks exports and integration
  • We setup your merchant accounts or you can board your own
  • Change Merchant Account Providers at any time
  • Technical Support


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