Integrated Onboarding

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Seamlessly Setup Merchant Accounts

User behavior is largely guided by how easy the user experience is.
Who wants to fill out a form more than once?  NOBODY.

Chances are, you already have some information about your users.  Whether it’s simply a name and email address, or sensitive business and personal information, we make it easy to hand off that data.  This can almost completely eliminate the need for a separate merchant account application.  It’s one seamless process that gives the end user full flexibility to use any merchant account provider you want them to.

No redundant entry  |  Automated Approvals  |  Web 3.0 Payments

Easy Pay Direct As a Payment Platform

Automated Approvals

Many businesses should WANT to have their account underwritten… But we’ve written algorithms to approve certain business types automatically.  It’s a way to allow them to accept payments VERY quickly, without being closed or subject to the “knee-jerk” reactions of PayPal and Stripe.

Automated Approvals + FAST Underwriting  

Easy To Use API or SDK

      • Level one PCI Compliance
      • Mobile API
      • Code Examples
      • Three Step Redirect
      • Tokenized Card Data
      • Hundreds of 3rd Party Shopping Carts