What is EMV Compliance? Do I need to be EMV Compliant?

What is EMV Compliance?

EMV (“Europay, MasterCard and Visa”) is a technology standard developed in Europe in 1994.  Essentially it’s a slightly different way to accept cards that leverages “smart cards” and “EMV compatible” terminals.  Basically: You insert the front of the credit card into the terminal instead of swiping the card.

EMV has two intentions:

    1. To decrease credit and debit card fraud on card-present transactions through increased security
    2. To creates a consistent cardholder experience, worldwide through a global payments standard


Why Should You Care About EMV Compliance?

    1. If you aren’t EMV compatible after October 2015  and a customer disputes a charge for any reason – they’ll win the dispute.  That means you’ll lose money.
    2. You will no longer be PCI compliant (soon) – and V/MC will assess a monthly fee.


How Do You Become EMV Compliant?

The Best Way to become EMV Compatible:

Easy Pay Direct makes the transition super easy:
Rather than offering a “free” terminal with more strings attached than Pinocchio, we want to offer you a terminal at OUR cost; with no hidden fees & no surprises.

We’ll program an EMV compliant PAX S80 for you and ship it to you directly. No hiccups. No markups. No reprogramming. Plug it in and start using it. 🙂
PAX-S80-Dual-Comm-EMV-Easy Pay Direct
Of course, you can also opt to use our Tablet Based POS systems which are EMV compatible out of the box.
Clover POS Easy Pay Direct

If you haven’t made the switch yet, we’ll make it easy for you!

It’s just another way we are working to make your life easier!