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Why partner with Easy Pay Direct?  
Because we are the best at what we do!

One Partner, Endless Solutions 

Our longtime proven expertise in the high-risk space coupled with strong banking relationships and customized chargeback mitigation solutions are the keys to our success.


Join the specialized ISO & Agent program and benefit from:

  • Direct splits for higher residuals

  • Dedicated Sales Manager 

  • A large array of banks to board merchants with 

  • Proprietary technology to board merchants with the banks that work best in that vertical 

  • State of the art merchant retention program 

  • Best in class customer service for you and your merchants 

  • Lifetime residuals 

Specialized Verticals:

  • Multi-level marketing

  • Subscription

  • Travel

  • E-cig/vape
  • Seminars

  • Insurance

  • CBD

  • Coaching 

  • Nutra 

By booking your high-risk business directly with Easy Pay Direct you will be able to maximize your profit share with direct splits which result in higher residuals.

Build and grow your portfolio. Plug into Easy Pay Direct

EPD’s Differentiators


HIGH RISK PROS – We at Easy Pay Direct have set the bar in the industry for getting approvals for “High Risk” merchant accounts. Let us handle the heavy lifting of getting approvals so you can spend more time making money and meeting with merchants. We have the HIGHEST APPROVAL RATE in the industry! 

Our gateway was designed specifically to prevent you from EVER having merchant account problems…

You can load multiple merchants into ONE gateway and it will automatically

split your sales across those accounts.

One gateway, One Application, One Point of Contact – multiple merchant accounts.

And the best part – unlike ANY other merchant account provider we know of – we ACTUALLY have a 99% approval.

It’s not magic – we work with EVERY BANK IN THE COUNTRY who has ANYTHING to do with eCommerce.

What does that mean for you?

More money!!!

A decline just means we move to the next bank.

Boom! BoOm! BOOM! We’ll keep stacking up those checks!

SERVICE – Get the support of a dedicated team of sales pro’s and access to over 40 years knowledge and success in the payments industry.

REVENUE SHARING – You’ll earn higher residuals with EPD’s transparent revenue-sharing program.

SALES SUPPORT – You’ll have a dedicated team of local, regional and national sales support professionals to assist you with closing sales, getting your merchants boarded, and making sure your residuals are processed and sent to you quickly.

TECHNOLOGY – Choose from a wide range of integrated payment solutions.

CHANNEL SUPPORT – Easy Pay Direct will take the time to learn about your business goals, so that we can design customized sales strategies and marketing campaigns for you. We’ll also help you prepare and plan for industry trends.

At Easy Pay Direct we want a Win Win Win Win Scenario.  The Merchant, The Agent, The Bank and EPD all win.  We are here to help you get approvals and to get you paid.

ARE you ready to join the team? 




50% of the revenue an account generates for the life of the account. How often does the average business STOP ACCEPTING CREDIT CARDS?

You want DETAILS? I’ll Give You the Details!:
A business sells 100k in a month- on average, we generate $1,000/mo $1,000 x 50% = $500
ONE business: $500, every month…as long as that business exists
10 businesses: $5,000 every month
50 businesses: $25,000 every month

The question is: How many applications can you submit this month?

**A Small list of the current verticals that we are currently approving**


Adult Books and Video Stores

Animals by mail

Annual Payments/Memberships



Auto Rentals

Business to Business sales

Bail Bondsman

Beauty Products – CNP

Biz Oops

Cash Advance


Cell phones -Sales and service

Charter services

Charity with 501(c)3



Collection – 3 Months Prior Processings

Computer Repair – US Owner

Contractors / Home Repair


Coupon Sales

Credit counseling/debt reduction- 6 Months PRIOR

Credit Repair – 6 Months Prior


Dating – No adult

Dating and Escort Services

Detective Agency

Diet programs- no pills

Direct/Indirect Marketing

DIscount Buying Clubs/prepaid

Document Prep




Extended Warranty

Financial Services

Firearm Sales – Retail Store



Free/Low Cost Trial

Furniture/Home Furnishings


Gaming – Online



ID Restoration

ID Theft Protection

Immigration Services


Insurance Brokers

Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Jewerly (CNP)


Lead Gen

Limo services/Taxi

Loan Modification

Magazine/newspaper Subscriptions

Male Enhancements

Massage Parlors


Medical Discount Programs

Medical Loan Payments



Motor Freight Carriers

Moving companies or auto transport

Neighborhood / Home party sales

Negative renewal (w/free/low cost offer)


Nutra – Start Ups w/ continuity

Nutra – Trial w/ continuity

Occult Materials/Service

Online Tech Support

Pawn Shop/pawnbrokers

Pharmacy Sales – Retail Store  ONLY

Physical products

Recurring billing /Auto Ship

Seminar Brokers


Sex Toys

Skin Care

Software -mobile and computer

Stored Value Cards-prepaids

Telemarketing – Inbound

Sun Tanning

Teeth Whitening


Travel – 3 to 6 Months Prior

Travel Agents/Tour operators

Travel Clubs

TV Cable Boxes


Water Filters

Website Development

Website hosting

Coin, Stamp, Collectibles

Door to Door Sales

Financial aid counseling, loans scholarship search services

Modeling Agencies

Real Estate agents doing vaction rentals

Web host /cloud hosting


**This list is subject to change at any time** 

If you would like to learn more or if you would like to submit a complete application, sign up by clicking the “Sign Up” button below.  

  • Frank Kern Frank Kern

    “I am a very very happy client of Easy Pay Direct. Getting set up with them was really really simple and very very professional. I did not have to jump through a lot of hoops. The paperwork was done in a very organized fashion. Everybody was in touch with my team every single step of the way… I am very happy to recommend them to anybody under any circumstances”

    Check out Frank’s story here!

    Frank Kern Inc.
    Frank Kern
  • Heather Seitz Heather Seitz

    Thank you SO much for following up. It speaks volumes about how you guys do business over there for sure… 

    Emailability LLC
    Heather Seitz
  • Colin Egbert Colin Egbert

    “Besides getting us a great rate, they really helped us get our money released after we did a launch and had a bunch of money held. They are always quick to respond, always keeps us in the loop, and always shoot straight”
    Colin Egbert
  • Amzi Marsh Amzi Marsh

    “Easy Pay Direct is a user friendly system that when coupled with exceptional customer service – gives any business owner peace of mind. Big Thanks EPD!”

    Tu Accion En Vision
    Amzi Marsh
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