Adult Industry Credit Card Processing


An adult merchant account is considered high risk due to regulatory considerations and chargeback rates across the industry. But credit card processing for these businesses has become more accessible as the adult industry has moved into the mainstream.

From adult novelty shops and escort services to lingerie and adult toy stores, the adult industry is diverse and expansive. Some products and services are limited by law in certain regions and may have different rules online vs offline.

Keeping a healthy adult merchant account involves knowing the rules and regulations for your particular business as well as what products and services your processing account is designed for. Using a processing account for illegal or unapproved purposes will certainly lead to the termination of the account.

Chargeback activity can also be problematic if not kept in check. Chargebacks may be a result of “friendly fraud” by customers who don’t want to admit to a charge from an adult-themed business on their credit card statement, to sincere disputes from customers who don’t receive a product ordered online.

Appropriate strategies that can help keep chargeback ratios from getting out of hand include:

    • Strong descriptors that include a customer service phone number
    • Easy to find contact information on the Website, receipt, and packing slips
    • A simple, easy to find return or refund policy

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