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As a subscription business accepting credit cards online, you need a truly reliable merchant account.

Last year, Payment Aggregators, including Stripe, closed down thousands of continuity and subscription merchant accounts, and the reason will shock you…

Simply put… It’s how their business model works!

They have one merchant account, which they let millions of merchants use. In doing so, they balance the risk between solid ethical business owners with entrepreneurs who would commit fraud, launder money, sell a poor-quality product, or close their doors before a consumer asks for a refund.

This allows companies like Stripe to set you up quickly, but it also allows them to shut you down even quicker.

The problem is that they don’t know anything about you when they set you up. They don’t know who you are, what you sell, or how you sell it.

If they set you up and anything unusual happens, such as a spike in chargebacks, the likelihood of them closing your account is HIGH.

Even worse, if one of your competitors does anything to trigger a flag in their system, they look at the entire industry. And through no fault of your own, a competitor’s misstep could mean a closed account for you.

So, how does Easy Pay Direct differ? And how do we keep our client’s merchant accounts stable?

The KEY component is thorough underwriting.

Our specialists underwrite your account so that we understand your business and marketing model. This allows us to match you with a back-end bank that works with your vertical.

Which greatly lowers the chance of you ever having an issue.

On top of that, when you sign up with us, you’ll have one dedicated point of contact, access to our fraud protection services, recurring billing, mobile payments, hosted checkout, and integration to over 250 shopping carts.

We’ll also work with you to optimize your payments for the lifetime of your account.

Lowering your decline rates so that you can increase revenue, monitoring your chargeback ratios, and helping to mitigate them, plus much more.

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What Other Features Does Easy Pay Direct Offer?

Transaction Routing – We’ll automatically route your transactions across multiple accounts. That way if anything ever happens to one, your others are still up and running.

White Glove Service – You’ll have a dedicated point of contact that you can reach any time you need them.

Decline Recovery – We’ll help you improve your approval ratios and reduce decline rates. That way, you put more cash back in your pocket and process more payments.

Chargeback Mitigation – Stop chargebacks before they begin with. our chargeback alert system. Greatly lower account issues and improve customer satisfaction.

Hosted Checkout – Quickly create checkout links and landing pages with a few clicks. Email them, DM them, or text them to your clients for payments on the fly.

Recurring Billing – Built-in recurring billing for subscription purchases with multiple payment options available

Mobile Payments – Process payments on the go with our easy to use mobile payment solution

250+ Integrations – Integration to nearly every shopping cart, plus we integrate to most apps and software. If you need something specific, our in-house development team will make it happen. 

Banking For Nearly Every Vertical – We offer merchant accounts for almost every vertical, including high risk merchants and much more. Get approved today.

Unlimited High Ticket – Worry free processing of high ticket transactions and high volume.

Continuity & Subscription Merchant Accounts Info

What is a continuity & subscription merchant account?

A continuity & subscription merchant account is a type of merchant account that allows businesses to charge customers on a recurring basis for a service or product, such as a monthly subscription.

Why would a business need a continuity & subscription merchant account?

Businesses that sell subscriptions or recurring services such as monthly memberships, software, or streaming services would benefit from using continuity & subscription merchant account as it allows them to automatically charge customers on a regular basis without needing to manually process payments each time.

Are there any additional fees associated with a continuity & subscription merchant account?

There may be additional fees associated with a continuity & subscription merchant account, such as higher processing fees or a higher monthly account fee. These fees are typically charged to cover the additional risk associated with recurring payments.

Can I use a regular merchant account for my continuity & subscription business?

Yes, a regular merchant account can be used for continuity & subscription business, but you may face limitation in terms of automation for recurring payments, some providers also may have different rate for recurring payments. It’s a good idea to consider specialized providers that offer merchant services specifically for continuity & subscription business as it might have better rate and features.

What is the process for setting up a continuity & subscription merchant account?

To set up a continuity & subscription merchant account, you will need to apply with a merchant account provider that specializes in this type of account. The provider will review your application and determine whether to approve you for an account. You may be required to provide additional documentation, such as your business license and credit history, as part of the application process.

Subscription and continuity business types

Nearly any type of business can consider entering the world of continuity subscription billing. A few types of businesses that often use this type of billing are:

    • Membership sites
    • Meal Kit sites (HelloFresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef)
    • Weight Loss sites (Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, etc.)
    • Magazines and Newspapers
    • Subscription Box sites (Harry’s, Ipsy, SitchFix, BarkBox, etc.)

Any type of business can benefit from this type of billing. It is very popular! All you have to do is provide goods or services regularly.

Additional Subscription and Continuity business type information

In comparison to more traditional retail operations, businesses that employ a subscription or recurring billing model often have a more difficult time obtaining merchant processing. Why is this? There are two main reasons:

    • Chargebacks. When a consumer’s card is charged, they have 180 days to legally dispute the transaction. This often happens when a merchant continues to charge them after a “free trial.”
    • Fraud. Using this type of billing, a customer is charged every month until they explicitly cancel it. Unscrupulous businesses sometimes take advantage of a customer’s tendency to forget what they’ve signed up for.

That said, it’s easy to resolve these issues, by partnering with a merchant account provider who specializes in this area.



Gratefully, there are many ways that merchants can reduce chargebacks and fraud, yet continue to use this billing model.

    • Make sure the consumer understands they are subscribing, and they will be billed regularly. Then, require them to confirm that choice. Clear communication builds trust, while also reducing chargebacks.
    • Clearly label details of recurring payments, and put them where they will be seen. Hiding important information in the fine print makes a merchant look dishonest, and leaves a customer feeling tricked.
    • Put your business contact information in plain sight. When customers know they can simply reach out for a refund, they are less likely to dispute transactions.
    • Chargeback mitigation programs alert you to new chargeback activity on your merchant account. They can also resolve disputes with customers before they turn into chargebacks.
    • Don’t employ a “sketchy” subscription model. Don’t make your customers explicitly tell you about services they do not want to get, as these are usually suspect.

Process subscription based payments securely with Easy Pay Direct

Continuity and subscription based products are considered high risk due to the nature of how they work and the increased likelihood of chargebacks.

Your business needs a specialized payment processor tailored to your industry.

At easy pay direct we've been working with continuity and subscription products for over 10 years. Our specialists are on standby and ready to set up your new merchant account.

Accept subscription payments quickly and worry less about account issues by filling out our quick form today.








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