Ecommerce Merchant Services


When you get your eCommerce merchant account from Easy Pay Direct, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of having a full-service Certified Payment Specialist.

They’ll stand by you and help you navigate the confusing maze of eCommerce merchant services.

Between hardware, software, merchant accounts, and point-of-sale systems, there’s a lot for a business owner to learn.

At Easy Pay Direct, though, we’ve already learned all the ins and outs of eCommerce merchant services — so you don’t have to.

And if your business falls into the “high-risk” category — if you do business in the future, or if your industry experiences a high level of fraudulent activities, or if you sell restricted products such as alcohol, tobacco, or firearms — then all the better. Why? Because Easy Pay Direct has the best account approval rate in the credit card processing industry!

Easy Pay Direct will leverage its network of banks to ensure you get the right type of merchant account for your business. We’ll merge that account with our internet-enabled payment gateway — just in case you’ll use your merchant account to process card-not-present transactions (CNP).

Should you want to have a brick-and-mortar store, Easy Pay Direct can offer you top-notch point-of-sale systems, or even simple credit card terminals.

And since Easy Pay Direct has the best approval rate on the market, your business is sure to get approved for a merchant account, no matter what it is!


If your business deals primarily in eCommerce, there are different factors to consider when establishing a credit card processing account.

Since you don’t need to worry about a traditional storefront, your focus should be on providing your customer the best experience online.

This includes providing ease of use, secure transactions, increased payment methods, and integrations for any existing online storefront.


Securing your customer’s sensitive card information and protecting your business should be your number one priority as a business owner.

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council sets guidelines for best practices to be followed by credit card processors and businesses who use them.

These guidelines are reviewed and updated regularly. If a credit card processor implements these best practices, they are said to be ‘PCI Compliant.

These standards can be reviewed here but some of them include:

    • Maintaining a secure network
    • Using Point to Point Encryption
    • Using secure software

Always choose a PCI-compliant payment processor that is experienced and takes security seriously.

Many incidents of fraud happen during card-not-present transactions online so you want to take proper precautions to safeguard your business and your customers.


Using new technology can come with a learning curve. When you start a new solution, you want to make sure that both you and your customers are going to be able to use it easily.

This includes having a seamless deployment during the initial setup. Ask your credit card processor if they provide any resources to help you have a smooth transition process.

You will also want to make sure that your payment processor offers customer support if something goes wrong.

Make sure that your payment processor offers multiple avenues to contact them to troubleshoot issues. This may include an email address, online chat feature, or phone number.

Having the ability to get help when you need it most is critical to your business operation.


You may already have an established eCommerce store or are just starting your business. No matter the case, you do not want your payment processor to limit your shopping cart options.

Choose a credit card processor that has the ability to integrate with multiple shopping carts. If your needs change in the future and you need to change your system, you can keep your payment processor and avoid one less headache.

Easy Pay Direct’s gateway integrates with over 250 shopping carts and we are regularly adding more.


Having to constantly export your transaction data and import it into your accounting software is an inconvenience you can avoid.

Easy Pay Direct gateway integrates with QuickBooks so you can manage your business more efficiently and keep an eye on all of your transactions.


Digital wallets are considered very secure and are increasing in popularity. Customers are able to access these on their cell phones and so they are convenient.

Look for a gateway that will allow you to accept digital payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

This is just one more method of payment to extend to your customers to offer their preferred method of payment.

Easy Pay Direct can give your business the ability to accept this type of payment.


Credit card payments have become the most popular payment method. As a business owner, you will need to offer this payment method to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

Being an eCommerce business means that your storefront exists online and your transactions occur over the internet. One of the top concerns for credit card processing should be the security of your transactions.

eCommerce businesses should pay special attention to ensuring that the credit card processor they choose is PCI compliant.

Having a user-friendly solution in place and a payment processor who is available to help if you need it is also crucial.

Whether you are just starting or are an established business, you may want to be sure that your gateway is going to integrate with a variety of shopping carts, accounting software, and can accept unique forms of payment.

Choosing a payment processor can feel overwhelming but Easy Pay Direct Certified Payment Specialists are experts and will answer all of your questions.

Each business is different and there is no one size fits all solution so contact us today to discuss your unique situation and the best options for your business.