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Thousands of merchant accounts get shut down every single day…

Stripe alone shut down over 2 million accounts in 2023!

So, what can you do to reduce the risk of a shutdown, account hold, or frozen funds?

And how can you leverage the power of payment processing to reduce your declines, improve website conversion rates, and stop chargebacks? Keep reading, and we’ll give you some strategies…

Before we dive into those strategies, it’s worth mentioning that we can do all of the work for you.

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Step 1. How to maintain a STABLE Merchant Account.

One word.. Ready? Underwriting.

If you are processing at least $50k/month in online credit card transactions, you need underwriting for your merchant account.

Without it, there are too many factors and unknowns that could happen and cause an account shutdown, or hefty reserves placed on your account.

Companies that don’t do underwriting, like Stripe, know nothing about your business. So if anything unpredictable happens, like an increase in chargebacks, their algorithm has a panic attack and flags your account.

At which point, you should brace for a shutdown (if you knew it was coming, which you won’t…).

When a full-service merchant account provider such as Easy Pay Direct sets your account up, we underwrite it and learn all about your business.

We learn your marketing model, business history, what products you sell, and how you sell them.

This allows us to perfectly align your business and Merhant account with a back-end bank that won’t freak out anytime you have something “unusual” occur.

And this, my friend, is the cornerstone of keeping a stable merchant account.

Steps 2-4. Reduce Chargebacks:

1. Add your company name and phone number to your credit card descriptor.

That way, if a merchant is thinking about calling their bank to issue a chargeback, they will see your number and call you instead.

You can then negotiate with the merchant or issue them a refund.

2. Don’t overpromise or make fraudulent claims…

Many marketers are too good at selling. They have the uncanny ability to convince people. to buy things they don’t want.

So, make sure your messaging aligns with what you are selling.

3. Make refunds EASY.

Don’t hide your customer service email or phone number. Ensure customers can easily cancel subscriptions and refund promptly when a customer needs one.

If a customer can’t figure out how to get a refund, they are going to issue a chargeback, which could lead to account issues for you.

Step 5. Increase Revenue Through Higher Approval Ratios

Over time, the credit card approval rates on your website may decline; in fact, they almost always do.

There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that every time a customer submits a refund or files a chargeback, the bank supporting your merchant account saves that data in what is known as a TC40 Report.

As this data accumulates, it tells the system what types of transactions may be “fraudulent,” even if they are not. So the issuing bank’s algorithm then starts declining more and more transactions on your website.

Causing you to lose revenue…

Fixing this takes technical expertise, and we can help you with this. Ask us about an approval rate audit, and we’ll help you out for FREE.

But, here’s one thing you can do…

Double-check what your MCC (merchant category code) is. You may need to call your current payment provider to figure it out.

And if you can’t get ahold of them… Well, then, they have horrible customer service, and you should switch over to someone who offers a single point of contact for you to communicate with. Hint, hint… Us.

If you are categorized under the wrong MCC, which is VERY common, you could be losing out on big chunks of revenue due to declined transactions.

For example, if you are an e-commerce store selling physical products but your payment provider sets you up as Direct Response, guess what? Now, you have lower approval rates.

And… The wrong MCC code could cost you 5-7% more transactions being declined.

The bottom line here… It will take you 2 minutes to start our online form, and we will audit your account for free.

We’ll optimize your merchant account, helping you to increase revenue, lower or remove reserves, and we’ll make sure you maintain a stable worry free account.

Join thousands of clients accepting payments in the fastest safe way possible.

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Join thousands of clients accepting payments in the fastest safe way possible.

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