A new way to do retail.
Easy. Guaranteed Pricing.

A few clover perks

  • Apple Pay & Google Pay Ready
  • Accounting Software Integrations
  • Real Time Inventory Reports
  • Track Employee Time
  • Customer Gift & Loyalty Programs
  • Contactless Payments (Apple Pay & Google Pay)
  • EMV Compliant – Chip cards, swipe cards, debit cards
  • All in one POS, Cash drawer, Printer
Easy to use & Modernized
Point of Sale
Easy Pay Direct
How to do Retail

The NEW Way to do Retail

Traditional credit card terminals have less memory than a graphing calculator.
Clover is an inexpensive way to bring your retail store to the new age of commerce.  With in INCREDIBLY easy to use interface, more horse power than a traditional POS system and many more perks – it’s the best way accept payments in your store today.
You don’t need to be a big company to have awesome technology for your customers and staff to use. 
Apple Pay | EMV  Ready | Signature Capture | Software Integrations

Easy Pay Direct
  • Frank Kern Frank Kern

    “I am a very very happy client of Easy Pay Direct. Getting set up with them was really really simple and very very professional. I did not have to jump through a lot of hoops. The paperwork was done in a very organized fashion. Everybody was in touch with my team every single step of the way… I am very happy to recommend them to anybody under any circumstances”

    Check out Frank’s story here!

    Frank Kern Inc.
    Frank Kern
  • Heather Seitz Heather Seitz

    Thank you SO much for following up. It speaks volumes about how you guys do business over there for sure… 

    Emailability LLC
    Heather Seitz
  • Colin Egbert Colin Egbert

    “Besides getting us a great rate, they really helped us get our money released after we did a launch and had a bunch of money held. They are always quick to respond, always keeps us in the loop, and always shoot straight”

    Colin Egbert
  • Amzi Marsh Amzi Marsh

    “Easy Pay Direct is a user friendly system that when coupled with exceptional customer service – gives any business owner peace of mind. Big Thanks EPD!”

    Tu Accion En Vision
    Amzi Marsh