Payment processing  for nearly every business vertical…


  • Patent Pending “Transaction Routing” Technology
  • More than 250 Shopping Carts Integrated
  • “Quick Click” Shopping Cart Built In
  • Fraud Scrubbing technology
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Ban customers by IP, card number, amount, etc

The Easy Pay Direct Gateway Basics



You Get One Dedicated Point Of Contact
Use Your Own Merchant Account Or Use Ours
Have Multiple Merchant Accounts
Integrate To Over 250 Shopping Carts
Multiple Currencies Supported

White glove service so you can focus on what matters

At Easy Pay direct, we believe that customer service is a key element to the success of your business.

From day one you'll have a dedicated account specialist to walk you through every step.

No more annoying chatbots, no more phone trees, just a real person ready to solve whatever merchant account problem you might be facing.

You can use your own merchant account, or use ours.

Already have a merchant account you love but need a high-tech gateway that was built for your business model?

We can get you set up quickly and with the best tech in the industry.

Use multiple merchant accounts at one time

We can facilitate multiple merchant accounts at one time. And better yet, we offer patent-pending transaction routing so that you can automatically route funds across them.

Integrate with almost ANY shopping cart

Selling products on Shopify? Have product offers on Woocommerce or Clickfunnels?

No problem...

Our gateway integrates with over 250 shopping carts.

Multi-currency support available

We support multiple currencies, so you can offer your offers and products in other countries without issue.

Accept credit cards in store, over the phone, or online.

Process payments in store


Process payments online


Process payments on your mobile device

Easy Pay Direct Gateway Perks

Transaction Routing

  • Use Your own Merchant Account or use ours
  • Multiple Merchant Accounts
  • One Point of Contact
  • Integrated to nearly every shopping cart
  • Multiple Currencies Supported


  • Simple & Easy to Integrate API
  • Automated Submissions
  • Three Step Authentication
  • Level One PCI Compliance

Mobile Payments

  • Apple Pay compatible
  • Google Pay compatible
  • Online & mobile reporting in one place
  • USB & mobile swipe available


Any Shopping Cart

  • More than 250 shopping carts integrated
  • emulator for those that aren’t
  • Proactively adding new shopping carts
  • Comprehensive reporting beyond your cart