E Mail Invoicing



tick-blue With the click of a mouse a customer can pay their bill



tick-blue Faster and less expensive than paper invoices – or just a great backup.



tick-blue Spend Less on follow-up, collection and postage & save SO much time.



tick-blue Quick-click™ produces a URL for each product.

tick-blue Simply copy and paste the URL into an existing invoice or an email and send it to a customer.

tick-blue Your client clicks on the link  and enters their payment choice (credit card or ACH)

tick-blue An email receipt is sent to your client and your money is deposited into your bank account.


Reduce Your Expenses

How much to you spend on employees, postage, paper, ink, and time?
The fact is, traditional invoicing in much more cumbersome and expensive than email invoicing.
Many companies are able to shave several hours or even days a month when they send bills by email. Previously you needed to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars on electronic billing software. With Easy Pay Direct you can send out one, or one million email invoices without the overhead of expensive software.There is no mystery why people accept credit cards today. Consumers and businesses alike are putting more and more of their spending on credit cards. The easier it is for your customers to pay, the easier it is for you to get paid. With credit card email invoicing, you are making it as easy as possible for your customers.


Get invoices out – FAST

Even when using a bookkeeping software, creating invoices can be time consuming. The Easy Pay Direct system helps you automate the process. Whether you use the EPD recurring billing function, or you use our one click send option, creating an invoice has never been easier. With Quick-Click™ you can create a link that you can copy into ANY invoice. Your clients do the rest. Copy. Paste. Paid. – Easy.



No problem, you can easily and quickly upload all clients into the EPD system. The EPD system can important and export data through common formats like excel.csv files.


Automate your invoice process

The EPD system was created to make your life easier. Automation and ease of use are the keys to making that happen. The EPD system is set up to do many things for you – and if they aren’t easy to turn on, most people won’t use them.

Instead of filling out blank invoices every time you have to bill a client, the EPD system allows you to select from commonly used templates. You can select an existing client or enter a new one and send out an invoice with a click. Of course you can easily change any details you would like, or you even set up a recurring billing schedule so your client receives an invoice every day, week or month – whatever you decide.


Get Paid Fast

Businesses want to be paid immediately. Consumers get too many bills. While every consumer is different, it is not uncommon to see a household (or business) with a stack of bills waiting to be paid. A business invoice can sit on a desk for weeks before it’s even acknowledged.

The fact is, paying bills is a time consuming activity. Many people have to sit down and schedule in the time to do it. Because an email invoice is faster and easier for your clients, we have found that on average clients who receive email invoices pay their bills sooner than those who receive paper invoices.Consumers prefer to pay by email – it’s faster, easier, more secure and more convenient for them.

With cash flow being cited as the number one reason for small business failure, it’s important to do everything you can to positively impact your cash flow.