Strategic Partner Email Templates

The purpose of this document is to provide you with email templates that you can use to easily send our offer out to your subscribers.

We realize that email marketing and the nuances around audiences and segmenting can change the way you send, the tone, the copy, and more. 

Please use the below as a baseline. They can be included as sections of other emails or be used as standalone blasts to your subscriber base. 

You can populate any CTA, buttons, or text links with any of your Promotion Links.

Email Template 1

Hey [first name],

We’ve recently partnered with Easy Pay Direct [LINK THIS WITH ANY OF YOUR POMOTION LINKS] to bring you the fastest safe way to process payments! 

Many people don’t realize it, but our industry is what issuing banks consider “high risk”. Because of this you and I face merchant account problems regularly. 

If you haven’t yet… believe me when I say it’s right around the corner. Stripe and PayPal for example shut down millions of merchant accounts just like yours in 2022 alone. 

If you lost the ability to accept credit cards today, how long could you keep the doors open?

Get the credit card processing your business deserves by clicking here [LINK THIS WITH ANY OF YOUR PROMOTION LINKS]

Email Template 2

[first name], would your business suffer if you lost the ability to accept credit card payments tomorrow?

Would it suffer if your funds were held for 90-180 days?

Or if a reserve was placed on your account holding 6-figures of revenue? 

If any of these would affect you, then you need better payment processing.

We’ve teamed up with Easy Pay Direct to bring you the fastest safe way to process payments online. 


A few perks at a glance:

  1. Transaction Routing
  2. Decline recovery that puts more money in your pocket
  3. Chargeback mitigation
  4. Single point of contact 
  5. Hosted checkout
  6. Recurring billing
  7. 250+ shopping cart integrations
  8. Banking for every vertical
  9. Unlimited high ticket processing


Email Template 3

[First Name]!

How is business? Are you still processing credit cards online? 

Recently PayPal, Stripe, Clover, Square and most payment service providers have been shutting down eCommerce businesses left and right.

Once a brand reaches over $30k per month in revenue it starts to fall into the “high risk” category. And without warning, your current merchant provider could freeze your account, place a reserve on funds, or worse… Shut the account down. 

And it is completely legal for them to do this. 

There are thousands of reasons a payment service provider could shut your account down, but in short, if they set you up quickly, they did not research your company and have no idea what you actually sell. 

They can notice one small thing they don’t like… And your account is toast. 

How would you like to solve this problem? You can stop worrying about when your current processor is going to shut you down so that you can focus on what matters in your business. 

We’d like to introduce you to our friends at Easy Pay Direct!

Brad Wiemert (CEO) and his team have been helping high-risk businesses like ours (and yours) for over a decade. 

They are the best in the business and have clients such as Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Grant Cardone, and many more. 

You need the fastest safe way to accept payments online, and Easy Pay Direct is your solution. 

Ready for better payment processing? Click Here [POPULATE THIS WITH ANY OF YOUR PROMOTION LINKS]