In the heart of downtown Austin, Tx...

Not Your Normal Company.  Not Your Normal Dev Gig. 

We come to the our Downtown Austin office with a smile, a great attitude and our “A­-Game” -­ There’s no place for lackluster team members here. Easy Pay Direct’s culture is built on enthusiasm, relationships and the ability to make life easier for others. This starts by making life easier for our teammates.

Easy Pay Direct is a fun tech company that is actively scaling. EPD has been providing eCommerce solutions for small­ and medium­ sized businesses since 2006 and crafting new solutions as we grow. The person hired as our Lead Salesforce Developer must excel at and enjoy creative problem solving.  They will be interacting with and connecting a variety of platforms, APIs and automation tools on a daily basis while expanding our feature set.

The result: Ongoing growth and development that catapult your personal and professional growth - and an enhanced skill set you just won't find elsewhere. We’re excited to bring on the next RockStar and elevate them to the next level.

    Lead Salesforce Developer (the position)

    Technology should support business needs.  With Salesforce at the core, there's a lot of power and flexibility to support our business needs - but it can't do everything. 

    Our Lead Salesforce Developer will maintain and expand our existing structure in Salesforce (and eventually redevelop it) - and also focus on the integrations we need and/or have across a variety of other platforms.

    • Extensive Salesforce / Apex experience
    • Extensive API experience 
    • Maintain and grow all of our technology platforms
    The Lead Salesforce Developer will also implement the development of new processes for a variety of different aspects of our business. This will include, but is not limited to:
    • Marketing funnels
    • Training portals
    • Salesforce automation
    • Pardot automation
    • API connections to several third party platforms 
    With several systems and platform all tied together through API's, it's important that our Lead Salesforce Developer has a thorough understanding of all the systems we use and the development background to fix problems and develop solutions.

    With an Awesome culture in our downtown Austin location, our staff enjoys coming to the office. As our Lead Salesforce Developer, there is some flexibility to work remotely on a periodic basis - but you'll have a desk in house.

    We have two developers that do contract work on an ongoing basis, but the Lead Salesforce Developer will be our first in house developer and will be doing most of the hands on work moving forward.  
    To fill this role, you must be comfortable making decisions, taking creative control and being a strong communicator.  You also must be comfortable handling and managing the company's small technical tasks on a periodic basis.

    If this sounds interesting, Fill out your information below and we'll send you an email with the detailed description and next steps! 
     Lead Salesforce Developer
    ​Salary: $85,000 - $115,000 (dependent on experience)

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