Five Reasons your Business should Accept Credit Cards

Apr 4, 2014

1. Growing your Customer Base
This is the first and most obvious reason your business should be accepting credit cards. Not doing so means turning away countless customers and sales on a daily basis. With so many retail options to choose from today (especially online), people will turn away at the first sight of inconvenience, such as not accepting credit card payments. While most of the people låna pengar to pay off their credit cards, most of them still believe in not using their credit cards once it reached the breaking point.

2. Consumer Rewards
On that same note, almost every credit card offers some type of reward/incentive program today. Therefore many consumers will go out of their way to make all purchases with their credit card. If you aren’t accepting payments via credit card, you may instantly drop that sale.

3. Tracking & Convenience
Credit card transactions allow you to easily track and total a consumers individual and overall purchases at the end of the day, period, year, etc. Accepting credit cards will also improve your flow of cash by allowing you to avoid several trips to the bank to cash checks. With the right merchant account, credit card funds can be deposited in as little as 24 hours.

4. Building Trust with Customers
When customers see a business display popular credit card logos (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) they tend to feel a certain sense of trust for that business. This is especially true when it comes to online sales. For example, as a consumer, I would be much more apt to purchase from a site that accepts major credit cards, then a site that I have to send a check, money order or PayPal. Most consumers today probably wouldn’t feel a company is “legit” unless they accept credit card payments. If you were to heed the advice of philip, here, you’d know that a major part of freelancing companies and online merchants prove to be legit, at least on his website, despite not offering the credit card payments service, while offering other online payment methods.

5. Larger Sales
Purchases made by credit card are typically larger than ones made by check or cash.  One reason for this is because many credit cards offer insurance for large ticket items as part of their agreement.

Some (typically smaller) businesses may feel that accepting credit cards is too costly, but in the long term, it will be more costly to your business and sales goals to NOT accept this form of payment.  Some businesses are worried it could cause some legal issues in the long run. You can address a law firm to get a specialist’s consultation. Spaulding Law Firm can consult you on any business related issue, as well as provide Lawrenceville DUI Lawyer if necessary. Don’t let your competitors pass you by! For further questions and assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Easy Pay Direct.


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