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The Easy Pay Direct Promises:

  • We will strive to make your life easier.
  • We will strive to be the most pleasant people you talk to.
  • We will make collecting money easier.
  • Your priorities will be our priorities.
  • We’ll make it easy.



The Easy Pay Direct company was designed to make your life easier.  From our staff to the solution itself, we’re here to help.  We have the name Easy Pay Direct for a reason: small business owners need products that are easy to use.  We’ve created a product and an environment that is just that.  Simple.  With a simple site, simple forms and simple support, we help businesses thrive.  In the era of entrepreneurialism, we all need tools we can depend on.


Friendly, Powerful Technology

Easy Pay Direct was designed to be clean cut, intuitive, and powerful.  It is our belief that technology is not powerful unless it’s used – and it won’t be used unless it’s easy.


Easy Pay Direct is powerful.

It is made to process credit cards, electronic checks and ACH transactions.  It allows you to use email invoicing, recurring billing, batch uploading, and online payment forms to collect payments.

While the design is easy and intuitive, we have added one click answers for almost all of your questions.  From nearly any page you can click on a link and get the answer you’re looking for.  If you’d rather have someone walk you through it, we’re only a phone call way.


Human Help

In a world that is consistently expanding online, we know how important it is to have help to understand and use technology. Part of the Easy Pay Direct promise is to have friendly, personable people available to you when you need them. In the beginning we will train you as well as your employees to get you familiar with the system. Because we’ve been there, we want to make sure you can get a hold of someone whenever you need help.



Safe, reliable, simple online tools are becoming more and more critical.

The Easy Pay Direct system was designed to make online payments secure, easy and reliable.  We store all information securely so you don’t have to.  We go above and beyond PCI compliance with our quarterly scans.  Security isn’t about meeting the requirements, it’s about making sure your information and reputation are safe.  Upholding your reputation is easy with us.



Easy Pay Direct Reviews

  • Wardee Harmon Wardee Harmon

    I’m so glad I found Easy Pay Direct! Customer service and merchant support are absolutely amazing and you’ve made it so easy for me to do automatic load balancing with multiple merchant accounts. I couldn’t be happier about switching to Easy Pay Direct!”

    Traditional Cooking School
    Wardee Harmon
  • Steven Poulos Steven Poulos

    The Easy Pay Direct team is great and easy to work with!”

    North Scottsdale Family Dentistry
    Steven Poulos
  • Mike Wreggit Mike Wreggit

    I’m very happy with the service I’ve received with Easy Pay Direct. They’ve been great. I presented them with the challenge of getting my merchant account set up in about a week before my first home show. They pulled it off with flying colors. They even overnighted my card slider to my hotel so I had it at the show. I sold a commission from the show and I was able to run the charge without a hitch. Ted was a great help throughout. I highly recommend Easy Pay Direct.”

    Mike Wreggit
  • Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Easy Pay Direct! I didn’t know how difficult it was to set up a merchant account, and you guys have made that process so easy for us. I call you the lightning bolt in Customer Service because you are so fast! You have been a pleasure to work with.”

    Build to Rock by LeapZone
    Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte
  • Lucy Whittington Lucy Whittington

    I tried Easy Pay Direct and have received such a high level of attention. I needed a ‘real person’, so I called and spoke to Gordon who has been amazing. I now have a merchant account and payment gateway. Easy! I’ll be recommending you to all my clients too.”

    Lucy Whittington
  • Peter Conti Peter Conti

    Easy Pay Direct simplified the application process and was able to get us connected with three or four different merchant accounts all within a matter of just a few short weeks. I would highly recommend Easy Pay Direct for anyone who’s looking for a merchant account provider!”

    Mentor Financial Group
    Peter Conti
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