A Quick Tip For PCI Compliance

Aug 27, 2013

Protecting cardholder information is crucial not only for us here at Easy Pay Direct but for the businesses and merchants we work with. We want to work together to ensure we are protecting our consumers to the best of our abilities so they can instill their trust in us. It is also extremely important that we protect this sensitive cardholder information in order to remain compliant with PCI-DDS (Payment Card Industry- Data Security Standard) mandates.

In order to do so, we want to remind business owners not to allow any sensitive card information to find its way into emails (or other communication) containing full credit card numbers (PAN) or security codes (CVV2, CAV2, CID, etc.). Full disclosure of these numbers should never be included in any communication you are sending or receiving (even to us as your credit card processor). It may also be beneficial for you to remind your customers of this to protect your business from penalties and fines that would be incurred from the credit card associations in the event of a data breach.

If at any time you find it necessary to send and share cardholder information (to receive assistance, etc.), please remember to do so using the following sensitive format:

Jane Smith

Card #: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-3456

Expiration: xx-xxxx

Security Code: xxx

At Easy Pay Direct, we know that protecting sensitive cardholder information and staying compliant with industry regulations is vital to keeping your business protected. Should you have further questions, please contact us at 800.805.4949.

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