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eCommerce Credit Card Processing

Ecommerce credit card processing is the soul of an online business.

If your business accepts online payments from credit and debit cards, you are an eCommerce site. Without the ability to accept credit and debit cards, an online business has little chance to succeed.

What is an eCommerce Transaction on a Credit Card?

An eCommerce transaction is virtually any online transaction made with a credit card.

These are called Card Not Present, or CNP transactions, since the card is not physically present.

What is an ECOM Transaction in Credit Cards?

An ECOM transaction is the same as an eCommerce transaction.

ECOM refers to Electronic Commerce Online Marketing or eCommerce Online Marketing. It applies to credit and debit cards.

What is PCI Compliance, and How Does it Apply to an eCommerce Merchant Account?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard applies to all payment processing entities and all businesses and services accepting credit cards.

The major credit card companies created PCI to mitigate fraud.

In e-commerce, credit card payments must stay compliant. That means merchants must take specific measures to keep all cardholder data safe by concentrating on network security.  

How are eCommerce Payments Processed?

Once the merchant has established a payment gateway or online version of a Point of Sale (POS) terminal, eCommerce payment processing can start. The payment gateway connects the online retailer to the payment processor and sends the transaction request.

The payment processor processes and executes the payment. Funds leave the customer’s account and get deposited into the merchant account.

An eCommerce merchant account is not absolutely necessary. However, eCommerce businesses benefit from the enhanced security of merchant account providers.

If your business has a brick-and-mortar component, your eCommerce merchant account provider can also provide you with POS capability.   

What Kinds of Payments are Accepted?

Your merchant account provider should give your business access to eCommerce payment processing that includes more than just payment processing.

You should be able to accept echecks or ACH transactions, as well as Apple Pay and other common payment options.

Keep in mind that many common payment processors, such as PayPal, do not work with high-risk businesses. Your processing service should accept international payments.

Even if the bulk of your business is domestic, not having the ability to accept international payments can hamper your sales.

eCommerce Credit Card Processing Fees

Credit card companies charge payment processing fees for each ecommerce transaction.

Banks issuing the cards receive these fees. They average 1.81% for a credit card and 0.3% for a debit card.

Fees also vary by card type. A high-end reward card will charge a higher fee than a standard, no-rewards card.

Expect to pay one-time fees to set up your eCommerce merchant account. Besides the setup fees, these involve address verification and compliance fees.  

Types of Incidental Fees

Incidental fees may include:

  • Annual fees
  • IRS report fee
  • Monthly minimum fee
  • Statement fee

Read the contract carefully. You may prove subject to an early termination fee.  

Some fees are fixed and non-negotiable. These include interchange fees.

Others will vary depending on the volume of business and the type of payment processing. For instance, an in-store, POS transaction carries the least amount of risk. It also carries the lowest fee.

Merchant account providers categorize ecommerce transactions as risky, and fees reflect that.  

What Should You Look for in eCommerce Credit Card Processing?

Choosing the right merchant account provider and credit card processing service is among the most crucial decisions you’ll make for your business.

When searching for payment processing services, make sure the payment gateway provides:

  • Transparent fee structure – Fees will vary according to the payment processing company. Just make sure you understand the pricing structure. Some merchant account providers make the fee structure so complicated that even experienced business owners have difficulty understanding the basic pricing model.
  • Low risk vs. high risk – A high-risk merchant will pay more for an eCommerce merchant account than a low-risk merchant. Factors determining low vs. high risk include the number of chargebacks and the opportunity for fraud.
  • Strong customer support – If there’s an issue, you want a credit card processing company that responds quickly and resolves the problem.
  • Ease of use – You want to run your online credit card processing transactions as simply as possible. A simple, intuitive commerce credit card processor makes life easier all around.

Shop around to find the best merchant account provider and credit card processing company for your needs.

Compare not only commerce credit card processing prices and fees, but the type of merchant services provided.

How Easy Pay Direct Can Help

Through our Easy Pay Direct payment gateway, online businesses can accept credit and debit cards.

Along with eCommerce credit card processing, we allow merchant accounts to offer other payment options, including echecks and online payments.

Our product is compatible with most online shopping carts and we work with dozens of banks worldwide.

Our name says it all.

There is no easier way for online high-risk merchants to thrive in the eCommerce universe than by using our simple, intuitive platform. We go above and beyond the already stringent compliance demands, so your information is secure.

Over 60,000 businesses trust us for their ecommerce credit card processing.

For more information, please contact us at 800.805.4949.


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