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Whether you’re looking for a Traditional Business Loans or a way to leverage your daily credit card sales (Merchant Cash Advances), Easy Pay Direct has options for you.  We’ve partnered with some of the best lenders in the country to quickly supply working capital for small and medium sized businesses.

A quick online application and we’ll pair you with the lender that fits your needs.
Unfortunately the lending world is full of companies that will promise the world and never deliver.  We only work with lenders who we’ve vetted and have shown that they assess businesses quickly and fund quickly. Rates vary based on individual situations.


  • Wardee Harmon Wardee Harmon

    I’m so glad I found Easy Pay Direct! Customer service and merchant support are absolutely amazing and you’ve made it so easy for me to do automatic load balancing with multiple merchant accounts. I couldn’t be happier about switching to Easy Pay Direct!”

    Traditional Cooking School
    Wardee Harmon
  • Steven Poulos Steven Poulos

    The Easy Pay Direct team is great and easy to work with!”

    North Scottsdale Family Dentistry
    Steven Poulos
  • Mike Wreggit Mike Wreggit

    I’m very happy with the service I’ve received with Easy Pay Direct. They’ve been great. I presented them with the challenge of getting my merchant account set up in about a week before my first home show. They pulled it off with flying colors. They even overnighted my card slider to my hotel so I had it at the show. I sold a commission from the show and I was able to run the charge without a hitch. Ted was a great help throughout. I highly recommend Easy Pay Direct.”
    Mike Wreggit
  • Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Easy Pay Direct! I didn’t know how difficult it was to set up a merchant account, and you guys have made that process so easy for us. I call you the lightning bolt in Customer Service because you are so fast! You have been a pleasure to work with.”

    Build to Rock by LeapZone
    Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte
  • Lucy Whittington Lucy Whittington

    I tried Easy Pay Direct and have received such a high level of attention. I needed a ‘real person’, so I called and spoke to Gordon who has been amazing. I now have a merchant account and payment gateway. Easy! I’ll be recommending you to all my clients too.”
    Lucy Whittington
  • John Assaraf John Assaraf

    “Easy Pay Direct has been an extension of our business and family.  To have a partnership with someone who will do things WITH you and FOR you, is worth it’s weight in gold.”
    John Assaraf
  • Scott Wenclewicz Scott Wenclewicz

    “Ted was the man! He went above and beyond to get everything taken care of.  Working with Easy Pay Direct was really a WOW experience!”

    Powerful Agency Systems
    Scott Wenclewicz
  • Ryan Deiss Ryan Deiss

    “I have shared your company info with the guys in my War Room mastermind group because your service is right up their alley, and I’ll continue to plug you guys whenever anyone asks about merchant accounts.”

    Ryan Deiss
  • Larry Goins Larry Goins

    “I’ve been in business for a long, long time. Easy Pay Direct protects me. I love working with them, easy to setup, no problems at all.”

    Larry Goins
  • Nathan Jurewicz Nathan Jurewicz

    “They kept us from shutting down. They’ve just been a complete life saver. Even if you’ve been declined from other merchant account providers, give them a call. They just really know their stuff.”
    Nathan Jurewicz
  • Sarah Mashburn Sarah Mashburn

    “Easy Pay Direct is makes running your business from the road incredibly easy.  Great Service.  Great Support.  Great Gateway.”

    Cutco Closing Gift Consultant
    Sarah Mashburn
  • Nick Nanton Nick Nanton

    “We needed 5 accounts for each business – EPD made it easy!  The Gateway, The Merchant Accounts, The Protection – a one stop shop.”

    Dicks + Nanton Celebrity Branding Agency
    Nick Nanton
  • Colin Egbert Colin Egbert

    “Besides getting us a great rate, they really helped us get our money released after we did a launch and had a bunch of money held. They are always quick to respond, always keeps us in the loop, and always shoot straight”
    Colin Egbert
  • Matthew Leitz Matthew Leitz

    “I just wanted to say how happy I am about our decision to work with Easy Pay Direct.  They have not only made it effortless and inexpensive to accept credit cards, but they also have gone to bat for us on several occasions to get back reserves from our merchant account provider.  I wouldn’t imagine ever taking our business elsewhere.”
    Matthew Leitz
  • Marco Kozlowski Marco Kozlowski

    “After having my merchant account shut down by my old processor, Easy Pay Direct got me up and running in less than a week”
    Marco Kozlowski
  • Amzi Marsh Amzi Marsh

    “Easy Pay Direct is a user friendly system that when coupled with exceptional customer service – gives any business owner peace of mind. Big Thanks EPD!”

    Tu Accion En Vision
    Amzi Marsh
  • Kathleen Kaczynski Kathleen Kaczynski

    “I have been using Easy Pay Direct now for five years and I can’t say enough good about it… It has saved me countless hours researching payments and/or refunds… it’s setup is user friendly… and I especially like the reports I can download from it. Great Gateway.”

    Libri Services, LLC
    Kathleen Kaczynski
  • Mitch Felix Mitch Felix

    “The system works great. it’s super intuitive and just makes things easier.”

    Mitch Felix
  • Larry Oliver Larry Oliver

    “…life is just easier with an ACH Merchant Account. I KNOW that I’m getting paid every month…”

    Olicorp Property Management
    Larry Oliver
  • Harlan Turner Harlan Turner

    “If I had known how much quicker we were going to get paid, I would have paid for the EPD system a long time ago.”

    Pinnacle House Painters
    Harlan Turner


Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advances are a fantastic, creative approach to securing capital for your business.  While a business owner’s personal credit does play a role, it’s not the main priority when getting a Cash Advance.  The major factor is your monthly credit card sales.  Most Merchant Cash Advance companies will determine how much they give you based on a percentage of your monthly credit card sales.  Merchant Cash Advances can be up to $500,000.

How Merchant Cash Advances Work

Lenders assess how much you’re selling on credit cards each month.

They “advance” you money against the credit cards sales that will come in over the next 6-12 months.
They hold back 10-20% of your daily credit card sales to repay the amount they gave you.
Typically the full amount you were advanced is paid back over 6-12 months.

How Merchant Cash Advance Terms Work:

Merchant Cash Advances are similar to a loan, but because they are ‘advancing credit card sales they know you’ll be receiving in the future’, the language is a little different.

Merchant Cash Advances are paid back at a factor of the cash advance amount.
For example, if the Cash Advance amount is $100,000 and the factor is 1.22;
You will payback $122,000.

Typical Merchant Cash Advance Terms:

The payback length and cost of a Merchant Cash Advance range based on:

  • Business type
  • Monthly credit card sales
  • Business credit (not a huge factor)
  • Personal credit (not a huge factor)

Here is the range you can expect:

Length of Payback: 6-18 Months
Cash Advance Factor: 1.12-1.48


Traditional Business Loans

Traditional business loans are a less expensive option to get capital for your business. While we can help fund loans up to $500,000, smaller loan amounts tend to fund much quicker.  With traditional business loans you can expect to be asked for more documentation.  This can include bank statements, profit and loss statements, tax returns and a variety of personal financial documents.  Unlike merchant cash advances, they are not dependent on your credit card sales, but the overall financial strength of your company.

Typical Business Loan Terms:

The payback length and rates charges for a traditional loan range based on

  • Business type
  • Monthly credit card sales
  • Business credit
  • Personal credit
  • Profitability
  • Cashflow analysis
  • Other factors

Here is the range you can expect:

Length of Payback: 6-36 Months
Loan Rate: 3%-22%


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