Member Alert to Control High Risk Merchants (MATCH)

Aug 21, 2020

The MATCH list or the Terminated Merchant File (TMF) is a list of merchants who have previously had their merchant accounts terminated for one of the reasons listed below. This list was initially created by MasterCard to help ISOs and acquiring banks in their underwriting process.

Merchants that find themselves on this list can have a hard time finding payment processing options as they are immediately considered high risk. Unfortunately if you find yourself on this list, the only way to get removed is to convince the provider that put you there to take you off.

Another component of the MATCH list is a code showing the reason a merchant was added to the list. Below are some of the most common examples.



01 – Account Data Compromise

The account data was accessed without authorization

02 – Common Point of Purchase

The account data was stolen and used for fraud with other merchants

03 – Laundering

The merchant used card not present transaction to launder money

04 – Excessive Chargebacks

The merchant passed the agreed upon chargeback ratio

05 – Excessive Fraud

The merchant had an unacceptable fraud-to-sales ratio

07 – Fraud Conviction

The business owner has been convicted of fraud

08 – MasterCard questionable merchant audit program

MasterCard considers the merchant a questionable merchant based on their own specific guidelines

09 – Bankruptcy/Liquidation/Insolvency

The merchant has remaining financial obligations

10 – Violation of Standards

The merchant was found to be violating one of the card network’s regulations

11 – Merchant Collusion

The merchant colluded to perform fraudulent activity

12 – PCI-DSS non-compliance

The merchant didn’t comply with PCI-DSS regulations

13 – Illegal Transactions

The merchant has processed illegal transactions

14 – Identity Theft

The merchant was operating with a stolen identity

If you have any more question on the MATCH list, feel free to call us any time at: (800) 805-4949

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