How to Whitelist Email?

***Please read below to ensure you’re getting application updates and vital account information via email.***

Our emails are an essential part of keeping your company running smoothlyWe aren’t trying to sell you anything – but we do use email to make sure you’re able to get your money.

Find your email provider and take these steps immediately to make sure you get our mail.


If you have your email configured to sort, it’s easy. Simply find our email in the “Promotions” or “Social” tab where it might be mis-categorized and drag it to “Primary”. It will now be in the right inbox each time.

Gmail Whitelisting ONE Easy Pay Direct 


    1. Open a message from someone
    2. Hover over the name of the contact it is from
           A box should pop up with three little dots in the bottom corner. Click those dots.
    3. Click add to contacts.
    4. Click save. 


    1. Open Mac Mail. Click Mail → Preferences
      Mac Mail White Listing TWO Easy Pay Direct
    2. Click “Rules” → “Add Rule”
      Mac Mail White Listing TWO Easy Pay Direct
    3. Set your description as you’d like.
    4. Select “any”, “any recipient”, “contains” and type “easypaydirect”.
    5. Select “move message” to “inbox”.
    6. Choose “OK” to save.
      Mac Mail White Listing THREE Easy Pay Direct


    Right-click on a message from Easy Pay Direct in your inbox.
    Select “Junk E-mail” → “Add Sender to Safe Senders List

    Outlook White Listing ONE Easy Pay Direct