Gaming Merchant Accounts

Struggling with gaming merchant account issues like freezes, holds, or shutdowns? Get the fastest safe way to process payments with Easy Pay Direct.


Chargeback Mitigation


Reduce Decline Rates


Recurring Billing


Fast Approval

  • Chargeback Mitigation
  • Reduce Decline Rates
  • Recurring Billing
  • Fast Approval

Accept Gaming Payments TODAY!


If your gaming merchant account was shut down today and you could no longer accept credit cards, how long could you keep the doors open?

If your merchant account was shut down today and you could. no longer accept credit cards, how long could you keep the doors open?

Everyday basic payment facilitators and companies like Stripe, PayPal, Square, Shopify, etc. Shut down thousands of accounts.

It’s not a matter of IF you’ll get shut down, but WHEN…

If your provider held your money for 90 days would you survive?

If they placed a 10% hold on your account, could you make payroll?

It’s time to upgrade to Easy Pay Direct.

EPD understands the challenges of businesses like ours, it’s 100% worth working with them. They will tell you how to save and make more money plus prevent shutdowns so everything runs smoothly.

Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod

Before Easy Pay Direct we had a $750k launch and $156k of that money was held. EPD has been super helpful in a bunch of different areas that none of our other processors provided. Highly recommend them.

Roland Frasier

Roland Frasier

I am a very happy client of Easy Pay Direct, working with them was very professional. Everybody was in touch with my team every step of the way and I am very happy to recommend them to everyone.

Frank Kern

Frank Kern

What Other Gaming Merchant Account & Payment Processing Features Does Easy Pay Direct Offer?

  • PTransaction Routing

    Automatically route transactions across multiple merchant accounts. If one ever goes down, your others are still processing.

  • PWhite Glove Service

    You’ll have 1 point of contact that is available when you need them. No more chat-bots, no more phone trees. 

  • PDecline Recovery

    Most businesses don’t realize how much their decline % lowers revenue. We will help you keep approval rates high.

  • PChargeback Mitigation

    Stop chargebacks before they begin with our anti-chargeback tech.

  • PHosted Checkout

    Add payment buttons and invoicing to any of your website pages.

  • PRecurring Billing

    Built in recurring billing for subscriptions and multiple payment options.

  • PMobile Payments

    Accept and send payments with our easy to use mobile dashboard.

  • P250+ Integrations

    Integrate to almost any shopping cart in the world, we can set this up for you!

  • PBanking For Every Vertical

    We have personal relationships with banks across the USA & Canada to get your accounts approved.

  • PUnlimited High Ticket

    Process high ticket transactions regularly without issue

About Gaming Merchant Accounts


Gaming businesses are inherently considered high risk by financial institutions, simply due to the nature of the business.

Gaming businesses can include e-sports, online gambling, casinos, and betting, as well as mobile gaming. The industry is prone to disputed charges, frequent chargebacks, and even fraud.

In addition, any business that offers online, or card not present, payments is considered high risk as well, as this can increase the likelihood of fraud.


It’s important for gaming business owners to offer cashless payment options for their customers, which means they need a merchant account.

The right gaming merchant account will offer multiple cashless payment options, including check, credit, online, and mobile options.

Merchant accounts providers can also help protect against fraud, enhance security for customers, keep a digital record of all payments, and process payments quickly.

Easy Pay Direct specializes in high-risk industries and has experience working with gaming businesses.

We understand the unique challenges of your business and can provide you with the right merchant account that will meet all your needs.
For more information, please contact us at 800.805.4949 or get started here.


A gaming merchant account is a specific type of bank account that allows merchants to accept payments. Typically, a merchant account is used for credit card processing and eCheck processing but can be used for various payment processing needs. To get a merchant account, simply fill out our quick form and we will help you get set up.

These merchant account providers work with acquiring banks, such as Chase and Wells Fargo, to provide merchant accounts to businesses looking to process credit card payments.
Depending on how the bank categorizes the merchant’s industry, there are multiple types of merchant accounts.

If the merchant account is used for card not present (CNP) or e-commerce transactions, then it must be integrated with an online payment gateway. Otherwise, a physical terminal is required to capture payment information.

About Easy Pay Direct


Easy Pay Direct specializes in offering merchant accounts tailored for businesses categorized as “high risk” by financial institutions. This designation typically arises from industries prone to higher instances of chargebacks, disputes, and fraud, often attributed to card-not-present transactions.

Securing a reliable merchant account presents a significant challenge for these businesses, as many payment processors shy away from high-risk payment processing.

Moreover, those who do claim to offer “high risk” processing, often impose account holds, freezes, or even terminations, exacerbating the operational hurdles for high-risk merchants.

Recognizing these challenges, Easy Pay Direct excels in high risk merchant accounts and ensures stability and reliability, with the fastest safe way to process payments.

We are committed to ensuring your business thrives by offering comprehensive solutions for your high-risk payment processing needs, making us the ideal partner for managing and mitigating the complexities associated with high-risk transactions.


Easy Pay Direct excels in providing merchant accounts by strategically leveraging our extensive banking relationships. Our process goes beyond merely applying for any merchant account; we prioritize providers who are eager to support your specific business model and conduct thorough underwriting.

This approach ensures providers fully understand your business from the outset, fostering a transparent partnership and reducing the likelihood of account holds, freezes, or terminations. Consequently, our clients enjoy stable and reliable credit card processing.

Moreover, with Easy Pay Direct, the daunting process of applying for merchant accounts becomes a thing of the past. Unlike the minimal underwriting performed by many providers—which often necessitates multiple applications, each diminishing your approval prospects—our method significantly enhances your chances of securing a suitable merchant account from the start.

This not only streamlines the application process but also positions your business as more appealing and less risky to potential providers.


We strongly advise clients with annual sales exceeding $250,000 to allow us to set them up with an additional merchant account. We can do this quickly and it will ensure greater stability for your business. 

While we take extensive measures to mitigate risks such as account holds, freezes, or shutdowns, the unpredictability of banking policies—be it due to new personnel or algorithm changes—can pose unforeseen challenges. Having a secondary merchant account ready ensures you can swiftly redirect your payment processing, safeguarding your revenue flow against potential disruptions.

Navigating multiple merchant accounts might seem daunting, but Easy Pay Direct simplifies the entire process.
Our service includes comprehensive management of your accounts, significantly minimizing your involvement. We provide a dedicated Certified Payment Specialist (CPS) to oversee your merchant accounts, offering you a singular, reliable point of contact for all payment processing inquiries and needs.

With Easy Pay Direct, securing and managing your merchant accounts becomes effortless, allowing you to focus on growing your business with peace of mind.


The first step on your path to a new merchant account is filling out the Easy Pay Direct form or if you would rather chat with someone to find out more, call us at (800) 805-4949*.

We can get you set up in as little as 2 DAYS!
Choose the right Merchant Account for your business:


Begin your journey with Easy Pay Direct by submitting our quick online form, which helps us gather essential details about you and your business, ensuring we set you up with the ideal merchant account.

Upon application, you’ll be assigned a dedicated New Client Specialist (NCS) who will guide you through the application process and answer any questions you may have.

Based on the information provided and our assessment of your business model, you will be categorized as either a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond merchant, reflecting your specific payment processing requirements.

Following this classification, you’ll be introduced to your Certified Payment Specialist (CPS), who will serve as your primary contact for all payment processing matters.

This personalized approach guarantees you always communicate with someone familiar with your business, who understands your needs. Your CPS will handle the application for merchant accounts, assist in setting up your new accounts, and configure your online payment gateway.

With everything in place, you’re all set to begin accepting payments. Your CPS will continuously monitor your accounts, maintain regular communication for any consultations, and promptly inform you about matters requiring your attention, including conducting annual reviews of your merchant accounts.

Easy Pay Direct simplifies the payment processing aspect of your business, allowing you to focus on growth while we manage the complexities.

Why Easy Pay Direct?

We pride ourselves on making your life easier and facilitating the growth of business across the globe. We have been doing this successfully for years and have helped countless businesses achieve their full potential, just check out some of our testimonials. More importantly, Easy Pay Direct would love to play it’s part in helping you achieve your goals and service your consumers smoothly. if you’re interested in working with us, you can start your EMAP  application below or call us at: (800) 805-4949 | Get Set-up with a Merchant Account »

Gaming Merchant Accounts FAQ

What is a gaming merchant account?

A gaming merchant account is a type of merchant account that allows businesses in the gaming industry to accept credit card payments from customers.

Why would a gaming business need a merchant account?

Gaming businesses need a merchant account to accept credit card payments from customers as a form of payment for their products or services. Having the ability to accept credit card payments can make the sales process more efficient and increase the likelihood of customers making purchases.

Is it difficult to get approved for a gaming merchant account?

Obtaining a merchant account for a gaming business can be more difficult compared to a regular merchant account as the industry is considered high-risk due to the potential for chargebacks and disputes. However, as long as the gaming business has a well-established business and can demonstrate a good credit history, it is possible to get approved for a merchant account.

Are there any additional fees associated with a gaming merchant account?

There may be additional fees associated with a gaming merchant account, such as higher processing fees or a higher monthly account fee, to cover the additional risk associated with the industry.

Can a gaming business use a regular merchant account for credit card processing?

Yes, a gaming business can use a regular merchant account for credit card processing. However, many traditional merchant account providers may be hesitant to work with gaming businesses, so it may be better to find a specialized provider that offers merchant services specifically for the gaming industry.








Merchant Accounts FAQ

If you want to know more about payments, pricing, or solutions to problems you are experiencing, we are always ready to help you.

What industries does Easy Pay Direct work with?

Easy Pay Direct specializes in payment processing for nearly every verticle... Plus, we've worked with high risk merchants for almost two decades. Chances are, we know your industry inside and out.

Here is a short list of some business verticals we service:

  • eCommerce
  • Apparel & Clothing
  • Bad Credit
  • Coaching & Consultants
  • Cannabis Support Businesses
  • High Ticket
  • CBD Oil & CBD Products
  • Continuity Products and Subscription Boxes
  • Credit Repair
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Debt Collection
  • Digital Streaming
  • Adult Products
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Firearms & Ammunition
  • Furniture & Home Furnishings
  • Health & Beauty
  • Hotels & Lodging
  • Insurance / Warranty
  • Legal Services
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Medical Billing & Coding
  • Medical Supplies
  • Membership & Recurring Billing
  • MLM Companies
  • Transportation & Moving
  • Non-Profit
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pawnbrokers & Pawn Shops
  • Pet Products
  • Precious Metals
  • Property Management
  • SaaS Companies
  • Seminars & Coaching
  • SEO / SEM / Ad Agency
  • Smoking Accessories
  • Sports Betting
  • Survivalist & Tactical Gear
  • Telemedicine
  • Tobacco & Cigar
  • Travel & Timeshare
  • Vape / e-Cig / eJuice
  • Veterinarians
  • Web Design & Development

Why is my business considered high risk?

“High Risk” is a deceiving term used by banking industries and credit card issuers such as Visa & Mastercard. It’s important to note that many business models are seemingly low risk, but fall into the high risk category.

There is nothing wrong with being considered high risk, and there are many factors that contribute to risk. However, if you fall into a high risk industry, it is very important that you use a full service merchant account provider such as Easy Pay Direct to process payments.

It is important for the longevity of your business to stay away from what are referred to as "payment aggregators" such as Stripe, Square, and others if you are labeled as high risk.

When a consumer buys an item with a credit card, they are given 6 months from the date of receiving the item to dispute the charge.

The first thing that happens is the bank attempts to pull the money from your bank account. If your business is no longer in operation... The credit card processor has to refund the money, which for obvious reasons, costs. the processor money and is damaging to their business.

So if your industry. has a high rate of chargebacks or fraud, it is considered riskier, or high risk.

Even if your business is perfect, has never had a chargeback, and operates 100% “by the books”, you could be labeled high risk if you’re business or industry falls into a high risk category.

There are 3 main reasons a business can be considered high risk.

  1. The business has a greater chance of chargebacks occurring
  2. The business model may be new or legally regulated
  3. The business accepts a high number of card not present transactions (over the phone, email, eCommerce)

Do you provide merchant account services outside of the USA?

At this time Easy Pay Direct offers merchant account services for the USA and Canada. We are always working to expand our areas of processing and hope to serve a greater area in the near future.

Can my startup or new business be approved?

We have worked with many new brands and start-ups to get them approved and running. While banks like to see a long history of processing statements before approving a merchant account, we can get you approved.

At Easy Pay Direct, we have. along standing history (almost two decades) with multiple banking partners. And they are happy to work with us and our clients to get accounts approved.

How long does it take to get approved for a merchant account?

The short answer... We can get you approved in 24 hours.

The caveat to that is... It will take us as long as it takes you to get us all of your documents.

At Easy Pay Direct, we underwrite accounts thoroughly so that the likelihood of you ever having a problem is drastically reduced. This means less or zero holds to your money, stable accounts, and better service.

Underwriting requires documents known as KYC (know your customer), which is a federal regulation. So if you can get us your documents right away, we can get you up and running VERY quickly.