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The term nutraceutical covers a lot of ground. Any vitamin, mineral, or health-related supplement not running through a pharmaceutical company falls under this category. In today’s market, demand has grown to a point where nutraceutical sales have evolved into a booming industry. People are more aware of health issues and often look for ways to remedy illness with more natural remedies.

As the industry expands, there is more competition and smaller businesses and start-up businesses need to make sure they have the tools to be successful.

One of these tools is payment flexibility. Gone are the days of cash-only shops thriving. We have stepped into the 21st century and for a business to succeed, they need to have a credit card processing system in place to handle the payment demands of its industry.

What Are Nutraceutical Businesses?

Originally the term nutriceuticals referred to health foods. In the years since the coining of that term, the phrase has grown to cover all things health related that are not controlled by pharmaceutical companies.

There is a wide range of products covered by the nutraceutical umbrella. Walk into a nutrition store and you will find shelves packed with every type of vitamin, protein powder, herbal supplement, and dietary pill on the market. Due to the wide variety of products, FDA approvals are not required and the claims made for the products are not always validated. Generally, the supplements sold tend to be more natural and holistic in their origins than much of what can be found at the neighborhood pharmacy.

Why are Vitamins and Supplements Considered High Risk?

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Nutraceutical merchants fall into the “high risk” category for several reasons: shifting FDA compliance, higher than average chargebacks, subscription models for online stores, and the potential for lawsuits. While some of these issues are avoidable through cautious planning on the part of the merchant account provider, others are simply part of the process.

FDA Compliance

The regulations on the products sold by a nutraceutical business are limited. The FDA tries to stay on top of products, but they are constantly behind the game. The byproduct of the lack of regulation side of the business means that some of the products sold may not be as advertised. It also means there is a constant tug of war as the government tries to bring some sense of regulation to the products being sold. This creates a constantly shifting tide of approved products.

Unfortunately, many credit card processors try to avoid dealing with these issues. By lumping nutraceutical merchants in with other high risk businesses, they try to limit their exposure.


All businesses deal with chargebacks to a certain degree. However, within the nutraceutical business community, those numbers are higher than the industry average. Due to the uncertain nature of each product, there will likely be a steady level of customer dissatisfaction around certain portions of the industry. Whether the customer returns the product for a refund or leaves bad reviews to impact further sales, the business is left to deal with the fallout.

With many nutraceutical businesses operating online, the rates of chargeback are even higher. Statistically, online platforms see a much higher rate of chargebacks due to fraud. In fact, online fraud rates account for almost $4 billion in losses for online businesses.

Subscription Model

Many nutraceutical businesses use a subscription model. People like their vitamins or supplements regularly and want that supply to keep on coming…until they don’t.

Due to cancellation and returned products when the subscription is no longer wanted, the rates of legitimate chargeback are higher than other businesses. There is almost always a lag between actual cancellation and when the banks stop trying to collect payment. While the subscription model fits the needs of the business, the downside is the resulting chargebacks.

False Claims & Potential for Legal Action

Unfortunately, the whole nutraceutical business carries an age-old connotation of snake oil and elixirs. The industry has taken strides to rid itself of those images, including the name nutraceutical. And while the majority of products offered by supplement stores are either helpful or at least not harmful, there is always the possibility a product does not live up to expectations.

In the past few years, there have been many lawsuits against nutraceutical companies for products that fail to produce the promised results. There have been class action lawsuits over products promising weight loss, penile enhancement, and gluten-free options. The list is much more extensive, and the constant possibility of legal action gives weight to the high risk designation.

Why Do You Need a Nutraceutical Merchant Service?

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While the nutraceutical market is expanding, there is always the risk of the problems mentioned above surfacing. As a business, especially with an online format, it is impossible to find success without accepting credit cards as a payment option.

A credit card processor that specializes in working with high risk merchants has the capabilities to minimize the negative impact chargeback and fraud can have on your bottom line. In addition, the right company can offer you a variety of options to enhance your business.

Things like simple pricing plans and no hidden fees, multiple customer support options, lower chargeback rates, and quick setup and approval can set a processing company apart from the competition. Knowing your bases are covered can give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on the important things, like growing your business.

How to Keep Nutraceutical Chargebacks Low

Balancing the nuances of a high risk nutraceutical merchant account is not an easy task. That is where the right company plays to your benefit, and where Easy Pay Direct comes in. We offer that peace of mind to keep you focused on the task of building your business.

Additionally, we offer extra help by connecting each business with the merchant account provider that best suits their needs. We aim to act as an intermediary that helps keep you in touch with your customers to avoid chargeback problems that can be headed off with good customer service. Resolving issues is the first step in avoiding problems that can cost money and frustrate your customer base.

Keeping customers satisfied is a great way to prevent chargebacks. Building great customer service with improved labeling and packaging can help remove frustrations to the customer’s experience and make them a little more willing to overlook business hiccups that might lead to chargebacks with other merchants.

What Easy Pay Direct Provides: Merchant Accounts

At Easy Pay Direct, we work with numerous banks. This allows us to pinpoint the few geared toward working with nutraceutical merchants. We leverage our relationships with banks to get you the best deal possible.

When we connect you with a nutraceutical merchant account we ensure you are working specifically with a provider in your field. They know the specifics of your industry and can help you avoid account holds, freezes, and business shutdowns. Our merchant account providers want to work with you, precisely because you are in nutraceuticals.

What Nutraceutical Businesses Do We Work With?

When working with nutraceutical merchants we pride ourselves on our adaptability. We can help provide a payment platform that will work equally well with eCommerce and brick-and-mortar shops. We work specifically with any nutraceutical business and have the business connections and infrastructure to provide successful solutions to the specific problem in the field.

With Easy Pay Direct we have the experience to provide help before you even realize it is needed. With our years of experience, we can anticipate the needs of a nutraceutical merchant account and direct them through your Certified Payment Specialist. Here is a brief list of some of the nutraceutical merchant accounts we provide:

  • Free + Shipping Merchant Accounts
  • DHEA Merchant Accounts
  • Male Enhancement Merchant Accounts
  • Cigar/Tobacco Merchant Accounts
  • Upsell Merchant Accounts
  • Alcohol Merchant Accounts
  • Direct Marketing Accounts
  • MLM Merchant Accounts
  • Medicinal Mushrooms Accounts
  • Moringa Merchant Accounts
  • Pet Supplement Merchant Accounts 
  • Vitamin Merchant Accounts

If you don’t see what you are looking for on this list, still feel free to contact us. This is just a highlight of some of the more common nutraceutical merchants.

Payment Processing Features & Integrations

At Easy Pay Direct, we have built a business by helping high risk businesses get up and running. Our connections are guaranteed to pair your nutraceutical business with the best merchant account option. We can offer the lowest rates, exceptional customer service to limit chargebacks, and highly compatible gateway payment options.

How to Get a Merchant Account

The first step on your path to a new nutraceutical merchant account is as easy as starting the application. If you would rather chat with someone here at Easy Pay Direct, call us at (800) 805-4949 and we’ll fill out the application for you.

We can get you set up with your shiny new merchant account in as little as 2 days!

After Your Merchant Account is Set Up

After getting you set up with your first merchant account, it is our professional opinion that if you clear over $250,000 in sales per year you secure an additional merchant account. This ensures stable payment processing.

Even though we take all the precautions to prevent you from experiencing a hold, freeze, or shut down, we cannot guarantee what banks may do in the future. If they hire a new account manager or implement a new algorithm, your account could have action taken against it.

In the event of a problem with your primary account, you will have a second account up and running. Switching from one account to the next is relatively easy and prevents revenue loss. You might look at this and think it is complicated, but in reality, Easy Pay Direct can handle all of it from our end. We assign you a Certified Payment Specialist who is there to monitor your nutraceutical merchant services and ensure smooth running and a single point of contact for all of your merchant processing needs.

The Easy Pay Direct Client Experience

Once you’ve completed your application, we connect you with your personal New Client Specialist who will guide you through the application process and be your point of contact to answer any questions. Once we have assessed your business model, you will be classified as a Gold, Platinum, or Diamond based on your unique payment processing needs.

The next step is introducing your Certified Payment Specialist who will be the main point of contact for all your needs. This ensures you will always communicate with a professional who knows you and your business. They will be in charge of your merchant accounts from application to set up and eventually maintenance.

At this point, you can step back and focus on your business with the understanding that your nutraceutical merchant accounts are in good hands. You will only be contacted if something requires your attention.

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