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US & Canada Merchant Accounts


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  • US & Canada Merchant Accounts
  • 2-5 Day Approval
  • 24-48 Hour Funding
  • Guaranteed Lowest Rates*

Accept Restaurant Payments TODAY!


If your restaurant merchant account was shut down today and you could no longer accept credit cards,

how long could you keep the doors open?

Everyday basic payment facilitators and companies like Stripe, PayPal, Square, Shopify, etc. Shut down thousands of accounts.

It’s not a matter of IF you’ll get shut down, but WHEN…

If your provider held your money for 90 days would you survive?

If they placed a 10% hold on your account, could you make payroll?

How to get the best restaurant payment processing? It’s time to upgrade to Easy Pay Direct.

EPD understands the challenges of businesses like ours, it’s 100% worth working with them. They will tell you how to save and make more money plus prevent shutdowns so everything runs smoothly.

Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod

Before Easy Pay Direct we had a $750k launch and $156k of that money was held. EPD has been super helpful in a bunch of different areas that none of our other processors provided. Highly recommend them.

Roland Frasier

Roland Frasier

I am a very happy client of Easy Pay Direct, working with them was very professional. Everybody was in touch with my team every step of the way and I am very happy to recommend them to everyone.

Frank Kern

Frank Kern

What Other Features Does Easy Pay Direct Offer?

  • PTransaction Routing

    Automatically route transactions across multiple merchant accounts. If one ever goes down, your others are still processing.

  • PWhite Glove Service

    You’ll have 1 point of contact that is available when you need them. No more chat-bots, no more phone trees. 

  • PDecline Recovery

    Most businesses don’t realize how much their decline % lowers revenue. We will help you keep approval rates high.

  • PChargeback Mitigation

    Stop chargebacks before they begin with our anti-chargeback tech.

  • PHosted Checkout

    Add payment buttons and invoicing to any of your website pages.

  • PRecurring Billing

    Built in recurring billing for subscriptions and multiple payment options.

  • PMobile Payments

    Accept and send payments with our easy to use mobile dashboard.

  • P250+ Shopping Cart Integrations

    Integrate to almost any shopping cart in the world, we can set this up for you!

  • PBanking For Every Vertical

    We have personal relationships with banks across the USA & Canada to get your accounts approved.

  • PUnlimited High Ticket

    Process high ticket transactions regularly without issue

Most restaurants have moved on from the cash-only payments of the last century.

Finding a restaurant that does not accept credit cards is akin to going to San Diego and not catching a perfect sunset.

There’s a push to move away from using cash, and this is something that restaurant owners need to know. Digital payments are expanding quickly.

In keeping up with the current facets of digital payment, there are countless questions to keep in mind. Understanding the process of accepting payments for your restaurant can help.

Easy Pay Direct offers payment processing services for restaurants, and we love our restaurant owner customers.


First off, if you are new to the restaurant business the term restaurant merchant account may be a foreign term.

A restaurant merchant account is a specifically selected account through a third-party processor that transfers money from a customer’s credit card account into a processing account and then on into the business’s account.

Without the account, each business would find itself working individually with every credit card company, bank, and payment facilitator.

By combining the process through a single merchant account, the restaurant streamlines the transactions and reduces the amount of paperwork.

Restaurant merchant accounts also afford a layer of protection against fraud and help a restaurant maintain its account activities despite disputes from outside sources.

The host of the merchant account keeps everything flowing smoothly so that money is exchanged for services without lag or downtime.

Easy Pay Direct offers a variety of plans and programs to balance protection with ease of use.

Bottom line, restaurant merchant accounts provide the fastest, safest way for a business to offer credit card payment options to their customers.



When a restaurant runs payment on a credit card the number is run through the local system, sent to the merchant’s bank, funds are verified, the transaction is authorized, and the money transfers to the merchant.


The Point of Sale system is generally the software that allows the credit card to be processed.

Different processing companies will offer variations on the same basic concept. Despite the differing skin, each program allows the merchant to begin credit card processing for restaurants.


The machines that allow the customer to input their credit card information come in several shapes and sizes.

There are dedicated credit card terminals attached to a cash register, mobile card readers, and virtual terminals. Each of these can cater to a specific use.

Basic credit card terminals are the most widely used and can be found everywhere credit cards are accepted.

The terminals require the credit card to be brought to the register for processing. Manual input is also an option, but the processor does not move.

Mobile card readers are generally found in restaurants. These devices range from readers connected to a hub that waiters can bring to an individual table to apps and readers used in food trucks.

Outside of the food industry mobile readers are a favorite of small businesses (arts and craft vendors, cottage industries, authors, etc.) as they allow individuals to process credit cards on a small scale.

The third option is a virtual terminal. These are attached to websites and allow credit cards to be processed when entered manually online.


When looking at the variety of processing companies it can be best to look beyond the shared basics and determine what extras set each company apart.

The kind of restaurant can play into what you are looking for.

A sit-down restaurant may have little need for a mobile scanning device.

Conversely, a pub or food truck can greatly benefit from being able to deliver payment options directly to the customer.

Beyond the hardware that fits each style of eatery, there are perks offered by different companies: customer service standards, multiple accounts to keep you up and running, customer analytics, and customer loyalty programs.

All of these can mean higher profit margins for restaurants.


There is no set standard for rates and fees offered by individual companies.

Even different credit cards charge different amounts. This can play into what rates a processing company offers an individual merchant.

Understanding the three main rate types and how they work with differing restaurant types can drastically change what is paid out and what is recorded as profit.

The three main options are flat rate, tiered rate, and interchange-plus.

Flat Rates are the highest fee per transaction, but it remains the same regardless of what type of card is used.

Tiered Rates categorize each charge into qualified, mid-qualified, and non-qualified. Each swipe of a card slides the bill into one of these categories and thus alters the fee collected by the processing company. This option leads to a fluctuating bill that can be hard to budget for.

Interchange-Plus Rates tend to be the most widely used. It is more transparent than tiered rates since it can be easily calculated. Each charge has an agreed-upon fee in addition to a flat charge on top per interaction.


Choosing the right processing company can make a difference in the success or failure of a restaurant.

When the options are weighed the most important factor is finding the rate that will fit with the restaurant type. Beyond that, the extra features can help set a provider apart from the pack.

Customer service can be key.

Check out reviews and see what kind of wait time you can expect. If a company does not offer 24-hour tech support you could be left with your credit card machines down and unable to accept card payments.

That downtime could cost you thousands.

Bottom line, the provider must fit your specific needs. Examine all the options and weigh them against each other to ensure financial success for your restaurant.


When making your final decision, Easy Pay Direct is here to give you the flexibility and peace of mind that allows you to focus on what’s important … running a successful business.

The decision to find a credit card processor will instantly improve sales.

Contact us at Easy Pay Direct to find the program that fits your processing need. Check out your options on our website or call us at 800.805.4949 to see what we can do for you.



A merchant account is a specific type of bank account that allows merchants to accept payments. Typically, a merchant account is used for credit card processing and eCheck processing but can be used for a variety of payment processing needs. To get a merchant account, one must submit an application with a merchant account provider.

These merchant account providers work with acquiring banks, such as Chase and Wells Fargo, to provide merchant accounts to businesses looking to process credit card payments.

There are multiple types of merchant accounts depending on how the bank categorizes the industry of the merchant. If the merchant account is used for card not present (CNP) or ecommerce transactions then it must be integrated with an online payment gateway. Otherwise, a physical terminal is required to capture payment information.


Easy Pay Direct works with all kinds of merchants, including, what the banks call, “high risk” merchants. These merchants happen to be in an industry that the banks label as high risk which means that they have a higher likelihood of chargebacksdisputes and fraud. The most common reason for this is card not present transactions which presents a higher risk of fraud. These merchants can have a particularly hard time finding a high risk merchant account because a lot of payment processors refuse to participate in high risk processing. Even if these merchants find a “high risk payment processor” they can still frequently deal with holds or freezes on their money and shut down merchant accounts. This is where Easy Pay Direct saves the day by finding them a high risk merchant account provider that wants to work with their business and providing them with all the resources to meet their high risk credit card processing needs.


Easy Pay Direct provides merchant accounts specifically tailored to a merchant’s industry. We do this by leveraging our banking relationships to apply for merchant accounts on your behalf. However, we do not just apply for any merchant account, we use providers who want to work with your business model and underwrite their merchants. This is important because it lays out all the cards on the table and ensures that a provider gets to know who you are and your business model before working with you. That way they know what to expect moving forward. This strategy guarantees that we find a merchant account provider that wants to work with you, making the likelihood of holds, freezes and shut downs, much less and providing a stable credit card processing.

Another benefit to this is you get to avoid the nightmare that applying for merchant accounts can be. Not only do most merchant account providers do very little underwriting, but it can take many applications before you find a merchant account that is good for you. Each application that you send out hurts your chances of getting approved for the next because multiple applications make you look desperate to a provider which they perceive as high risk.



After we get you set up with your first restaurant merchant account, we recommend getting you an additional merchant account if you have over $250,000 in sales volume a year. This is to ensure stable payment processing. Even though Easy Pay Direct takes all the precautions to prevent you from experiencing a hold, freeze or shutdown, we can never know how banks might act in the future. If they hire someone new or implement a new algorithm, your account could have action taken against it. In the event of this, if you have a second merchant account that is already up, running and processing payments, you can pivot your revenue stream to this account and avoid holds, freezes, and shut downs all together.

Now all of this may seem complicated and a lot of work, and it would be if you were doing this on your own. However, if you are working with Easy Pay Direct, we manage all of this for you making your role in all of this very easy. We even assign you your very own Certified Payment Specialist (CPS), who will monitor your merchant accounts for you, giving you one point of contact for all of your merchant processing needs.



The first step on your path to a new merchant account is starting the Easy Pay Direct application or if you would rather chat with someone to find out more, call us at (800) 805-4949*. We can get you set up in as little as 2 DAYS!

*Hint: This is easier cause we can fill out your application for you!

Choose the right Merchant Account for your business:


At Easy Pay Direct your journey will begin with your application which we use to collect information about you and your business to match you with the right merchant account provider. From there you will be connected with your very own New Client Specialist (NCS) who will help you complete this application and will be your contact to answer all of your questions.

Once we have the necessary information and have assessed your business model, you will be classified as a Gold, Platinum or Diamond merchant based on your unique payment processing needs. After this you will be introduced to your Certified Payment Specialist (CPS) who will be your one point of contact for all of your payment processing needs. This ensures that when you call, you are talking to someone that you know and who knows you and your business. They will apply for merchant accounts on your behalf and help you set up your new merchant accounts and your online payment gateway.

After that, you will be ready to start accepting payments. Your CPS will monitor your accounts and keep in contact whenever you want to chat or if they need to alert you of something that requires your attention on top of annual merchant account reviews.

Why Easy Pay Direct?

We pride ourselves on making your life easier and facilitating the growth of business across the globe. We have been doing this successfully for years and have helped countless businesses achieve their full potential, just check out some of our testimonials. More importantly, Easy Pay Direct would love to play it’s part in helping you achieve your goals and service your consumers smoothly. if you’re interested in working with us, you can start your EMAP  application below or call us at: (800) 805-4949 | Get Set-up with a Merchant Account »

Restaurant Credit Card Processing FAQs

What is restaurant credit card processing?

Restaurant credit card processing is a service that allows restaurants to accept and process credit and debit card payments from customers. This allows customers to pay for their meals using their preferred method of payment, which can improve the customer experience and increase the restaurant’s sales.

Why is credit card processing important for restaurants?

Credit card processing is important for restaurants because it allows them to easily and securely accept and process payments from customers. This can help to increase their sales and revenue, as customers are more likely to use their credit or debit card instead of cash. Additionally, credit card processing can also help to improve the customer experience by reducing wait times and making the payment process more convenient.

How do restaurants integrate credit card processing into their operations?

Restaurants typically integrate credit card processing into their operations by working with a payment processor that can provide them with the necessary technology and infrastructure to accept and process payments. This can include POS terminals, mobile payments, and online ordering systems. Additionally, some restaurants may choose to integrate payments into their existing restaurant management software.

Are there any specific requirements for restaurant credit card processing?

There are generally no specific requirements for restaurant credit card processing. However, restaurants will typically need to have a merchant account and comply with the standard regulations and compliance requirements associated with accepting card payments. Restaurants that process high-volume or have higher transaction amount may need to meet different security standards or get certifications.

How much do restaurants typically pay in fees for credit card processing?

The fees that restaurants pay for credit card processing can vary depending on the provider and the specific services offered. Typically, they will pay a percentage of the transaction amount, as well as a flat per-transaction fee. Some providers may also charge additional fees, such as monthly or annual fees, or fees for additional services such as recurring payments or chargebacks. It’s important for restaurants to compare the different rates and fees from different providers to find the best option for their budget and payment volume.








Merchant Accounts FAQ

If you want to know more about payments, pricing, or solutions to problems you are experiencing, we are always ready to help you.

What industries does Easy Pay Direct work with?

Easy Pay Direct specializes in high risk payment processing but we also work with mid risk and low risk companies.

Here is a short list of some business verticals we service:

  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Apparel & Clothing
  • Bad Credit
  • Bus Lines
  • Cannabis Support Businesses
  • Caterers
  • CBD Oil & CBD Products
  • Continuity Products and Subscription Boxes
  • Credit Repair
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Debt Collection
  • Digital Streaming
  • Document Preparation
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Firearms & Ammunition
  • Furniture & Home Furnishings
  • Health & Beauty
  • Hotels & Lodging
  • Insurance / Warranty
  • Legal Services
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Medical Billing & Coding
  • Medical Supplies
  • Membership & Recurring Billing
  • MLM Companies
  • Transportation & Moving
  • Non-Profit
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pawnbrokers & Pawn Shops
  • Pet Products
  • Precious Metals
  • Property Management
  • SaaS Companies
  • Seminars & Coaching
  • SEO / SEM / Ad Agency
  • Smoking Accessories
  • Sports Betting
  • Survivalist & Tactical Gear
  • Telemedicine
  • Tobacco & Cigar
  • Travel & Timeshare
  • Vape / e-Cig / eJuice
  • Veterinarians
  • Web Design & Development

Why is my business considered high risk?

“High Risk” is a banking industry term. It’s important to note that there are many business models that are seemingly low risk, but fall into the high risk category.

There is nothing wrong with being considered high risk and there are many factors that contribute to risk.

When a consumer buys an item with a credit card, they are given 6 months from the date of receiving the item to dispute the charge.

If your business is no longer operating, who do you think has to refund that money? The processor. This is where risk is created.

Certain businesses, marketing models, and industries have a higher rate of chargebacks, where they get labeled as high risk.

Even if your business is perfect, has never had a chargeback, and operates 100% “by the books”, you could be labeled high risk if you’re business or industry falls into a high risk category.

There are 3 main reasons a business can be considered high risk.

  1. The business has a greater chance of chargebacks occurring
  2. The business model may be new or legally regulated
  3. The business accepts a high number of card not present transactions (over the phone, email, eCommerce)

Do you provide merchant account services outside of the USA?

At this time Easy Pay Direct offers merchant account services for the USA and Canada. We are always working to expand our areas of processing and hope to serve a greater area in the near future.

Can my startup or new business be approved?

We have worked with many new brands and start-ups to get them approved and running. However, banks like to see a long history of transactions and an established history with a merchant before approving them.

But, that does not mean we can’t get you approved. Reach out to us today and we will walk you through your options.

How long does it take to get approved for a merchant account?

Once all of the necessary documents have been received, it typically takes 1-4 days to get approved.

Occasionally accounts can be approved in less than 24 hours, our team will work as quickly as possible to get your account up and running.