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Some Merchants may require more advanced functionality than Quick-click™ was designed to provide. We have created and API that will allow you to be completely flexible in your approach to running transactions. The Main Benefits to the API:

  • Supports all types of transactions from sales to credit and voids
  • Full access to tokenization through our Customer Vault
  • Direct Post OR 3 Step Redirect transactions (so you don’t have handle sensitive data)
  • Total Flexibility; Can be used in non-web applications

The Query API and all Direct Post API documentation can be accessed through the Integration link on the left once you have setup a test account below.

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  • Kyle Graham Kyle Graham

    “I don’t know how things would’ve been if they had not been a part of my business but I can not imagine doing anything else… They’re just awesome”

    10 minute Funnels
    Kyle Graham
  • Kyle Graham Kyle Graham

    Integrating 10 Minute Funnels with Easy Pay Direct allowed us to access MANY merchant account providers – with an easy application for our clients..  Easy API.  Super easy to work with.

    10 Minute Funnels
    Kyle Graham
  • Austin Felton Austin Felton

    “We’ve done a number of payment integrations.  Easy Pay Direct’s API is super easy to use – and the support has been great.”

    Austin Felton
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