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Here’s why Easy Pay Direct Recommends myAbundant:

financing for your clients

Boost your conversion rate, while your students get the flexibility needed to reach their goals

A buy now pay later option built for coaches and consultants. 

financing options

Globally Renowned coaches trust MyAbundant


Gerard Adams

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Julianne Hough

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Jess Glazer DeRose

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Chase Craft

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Cayla Craft

Easy Revenue Growth

myAbundant Manages Payments & Retention

Keep your focus on your strengths, while we service your student’s payment plans.

Consistent Working Capital And Cashflow

Enjoy the advantages of upfront cash for your payment plan and monthly recurring income.

In-house Payment And Collections Team

We protect the coach to student relationship. Our experienced team is dedicated to your success and helping you grow your business.

More money, less stress…

myAbundant will finance your clients’ purchases so they can more easily access your offers. You can access your funds within 48 hours, and your clients can get their products immediately.

The future of lending for coaches, course creators, and facilitators is here.

✓ Safe and efficient financing
✓ Get paid upfront fast
✓ Boost your revenue
✓ Maximize your conversions

my abundant

We’ll handle payment management and collections…

Safeguard the coach-student dynamic by letting them handle payments so you can focus on what you do best, coaching.

✓ No back & forth with overdue payments
✓ Eliminate payment follow up completely
✓ Keep high energy between you and your client
✓ Stay in your zone of genius

Let us take care of the back-end while you focus on growing your business, creating new courses, and providing more value to your students.

Free up your time and energy,
focus on what’s important.

Fully Automated Process. Zero Wait Time.

100% Approval Rate: No Declines, Ever.

Funds Available to You Within 24-48 hrs

myAbundant Stats:


Years of experience


Clients helped


Revenue generated

myAbundant guarantee:  All students funded

 To preserve your conversion rates, we ensure that every single one of your clients who applies through myAbundant will receive funding.

 This unique product offering is made possible through our in-house funding process.

 As a direct lender, we customize and tailor their financial plan to the programs you offer.

 Our fully automated process guarantees that approvals for funding are instantaneous.

With my Abundant no more…

✦ Price Objections

✦ Declined Credit Cards

✦ Limited Working Capital

✦ Payment Hassles

✦ Lost Or Uncaptured Revenue

✦ Email Follow Ups

Guaranteed Funding + No Lag Time = Real-Time Conversions

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