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In order to be a viable competitor among the infinite number of growing businesses today, you must be able to accept credit cards. It’s not only critical that the product you’re providing is top-notch, but the ways in which it’s delivered to your consumer must be seamlessly smooth as well.


First and foremost, this means having a strong grasp on how you’re going to accept payments for your transactions. To operate a business today, you need to accept credit cards to remain competitive. Knowing how to do that in a way that both you and your customer can feel secure is a key part of the foundation necessary to your business really thriving.


Fortunately, Easy Pay Direct is thrilled to be your one-stop-shop for all of your processing needs. We offer small businesses a wide array of payment solutions – including our patent pending payment gateway — that can be catered to your every business’ whim.

After choosing Easy Pay Direct, you’ll be matched with a specialist that will reach out to you personally for a brief intake call to tailor your merchant account to your business.

The following are just a handful of the variety of features Easy Pay Direct offers to make how you eligible to accept credit cards a lot easier:

 A secure, built-in virtual terminal that allows you to logon and get stuff done from any computer, anytime.

    • The opportunity to setup recurring billing with just the click of your mouse.
    • Real-time transaction information, so you never have to guess the status of a payment.
    • Email invoices that you can create for a simple bill-and-collect process that doesn’t involve the need for your and your client to communicate.
    • The ability for you to customize reports, so that you feel organized and in control.

What’s more is that by selecting us to handle your needs ensures you can take comfort in the fact that however you choose to design your merchant account, all of your transactions will be 100% safe and secure. This is because we, at Easy Pay Direct, are able to offer you full PCI compliance. What this means for you is that in addition to your cardholder data always being protected, as well as every effort being made to prevent fraudulent activity, you also don’t need to worry about being fined for failing to adhere to this industry standard – we’re already doing it for you!

Easy Pay Direct is all of the solution you need to accept credit cards, wrapped up in one simple, accessible and easy-to-use package so that your business can jump from being a competitor, to being the competition. We’re here to make things easier 🙂

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Things like, eCommerce, high volume, dropshipping, informational products and more are Medium-risk businesses.

Often, a medium-risk business is on the verge of being considered high risk or is high risk to certain processors.

Additionally, things like recurring billing can easily push a business into the high risk category.

As such, Medium Risk businesses should search for a payment processor that does thorough Underwriting.

Which will greatly reduce the chance of ever having an account issue.

With Easy Pay Direct, you’ll get the best Underwriting the industry has to offer plus:

  • Transaction Routing
  • Over 250+ Integrations
  • Hosted Checkout
  • A Single Point Of Contact
  • And More…
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CBD, Adult, Supplements, Subscription Businesses, Guns & Firearms are all high risk.

Additionally, there are many other factors that can make a business high risk. Such as offering future deliverables or goods that are subjective in quality, such as a high ticket course.

Many business owners are considered high risk without even realizing it.

Even if you have a perfect business with no chargebacks or issues, if you fall into a high risk category, you can still be shut down by a provider that does not do Underwriting.

Paypal, Stripe, and other PayFacs are notorious for shutting down accounts because they don’t do any Underwriting and as such, they don’t know that your business is high risk until after they allow you to accept payments.

Which then leads to your money being held, and account being shut down.

At Easy Pay Direct, we underwrite your account to gain a thorough understanding of your business model.

That way, your merchant account is in line with your marketing model and business type.
This greatly reduces the possibility of you ever having a problem in the future.

Our approach allows you to maintain more control, minimize disruptions, and focus on business growth.

In addition, we built a gateway that allows you to put multiple merchant accounts into it- and automatically distribute your volume across them.

That way, if one of your accounts gets shut down or has an issue - the others are still up and running.

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