$65,500 SALARY

Managing finances can get monotonous… but not in this role.
With Easy Pay Direct’s growth, an adventurous founder, and several related businesses, you’ll have a never ending opportunity to learn and grow.

As a one person team, there’s a wide variety of tasks and initiatives to lead. Our Staff Accountant/Bookkeeper will manage all things related to finances for both Easy Pay Direct, our owner, and his other ventures.

Welcome to finances in a much more fun environment than the typical.

 Organize, Simplify and Manage financial transactions across organizations.

The successful candidate will be expected to perform the following duties
(for Easy Pay Direct and its associated companies):

    • Companies’ Bookkeeping and Reporting 
      • Businesses’ Cashflow Management
      • Miscellaneous Accounts Payable
      • Residual Management
        • Extract, transform, load residuals
        • Manage residual macro reports
        • Upload data to CRM
        • Calculate residuals
        • Payout residuals
        • Residual Audits with ISOs / Banks
    • Company Financial Planning
      • Tax Preparation (with a CPA & Tax Advisors)
      • Annual contract reviews with vendors
    • Company Financial Forecasting
      • Extrapolating future revenue based on leading indicators
      • Reporting on underperforming accounts
      • Quarterly audit of all accounts for optimization
    • Benefits Management
      • 401K reporting and management
      • Medical benefits enrollment and management
    • Payroll Operations
      • PTO Management and oversight
      • Payroll Issuance and Reporting
    • Owner Personal Finances & Transactions
      • Personal Cashflow Management
      • Insurance policy management and implementation
      • Real Estate Management
        • Lending
        • Document management
        • Insurance, Utilities, etc
        • Agreement Reviews
        • Filings
      • Strategic Planning (with a CPA & Wealth Team)
      • Tax Preparation (with a CPA & Wealth Team)
      • Miscellaneous Accounts Payable


    • Exceptional problem solving and analytical skills.
    • Excellent communication and relationship building skills with an ability to prioritize, negotiate, and work with a variety of internal and external stakeholders.
    • Advanced excel skills – You have spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours organizing data, performing analysis and presenting findings in excel. You probably rarely use a mouse and excel best practices are second nature.
    • BS/BA in Finance, Accounting, Economics, or other Quantitative areas of study.
    • Strong proficiency in an accounting platform (Xero/Quickbooks/etc) to maintain statements, cash management, accounts payable and accounts receivable, as well as processing payroll.
    • Expertise in financial reconciliations and bookkeeping.
    • Demonstrated leadership skills, willingness to “do what it takes” to get the job done-done-done, and commitment to challenging the status-quo to make things better.
    • Highly organized and detail oriented with exceptional communications skills. We value candor, constant feedback and constructive debate.
    • A quick learner, a self-starter, able to work independently, and you’re willing (and able) to handle the pressures of an increasing level of responsibility.
    • You MUST have a deep understanding of accounting.
    • You MUST have an understanding of the basics of finance (and ideally).


    • Basic database management experience.


    • Very relaxed company culture
    • Competitive compensation
    • Health Insurance
    • Enhanced PTO & 401k Match
    • Hybrid work location (2 days in office/week)
    • Company Weekly Happy Hours
    • Company Sponsored Social Events

If this job sounds like it was made for you, please

Send us an email to Hiring[at]EasyPayDirect.com that includes:

    • Email Subject line: “I’m your Staff Accountant / Bookkeeper | [Your Name ]”
    • Email Body:
    • The title and role of your last two positions – and also
      • The most challenging part of each role
      • What you did best in each role
    • An explanation of why you think you’re the best fit for this role – including experience to back it up

Make sure you include all elements and the correct title in the email. If any elements are missing, we disregard the email.