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Quick-click™ is Easy Pay Direct’s free priority shopping cart that allows merchants to connect products or services on their website to the Easy Pay Direct gateway.  You have full access to Quick-click™ once you are logged in to your test account or your live account.  From the gateway, you can setup different products, shipping costs, tax amounts and color schemes for people to “buy now” or “add to cart”.  When your customers are ready to check out, they are forwarded to our secure server to enter their billing information.  Because we are hosting that page, you don’t need to worry about security at all.  Quick-click™ even allows you to customize the checkout page to look like your own.

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Quick-click™ produces “buy now” html code that attaches all of your product information directly to the EPD gateway.  To make life easier for business owners, Quick-click™ also produces a URL for each product.  Simply copy and paste the URL into an email and send it to a customer.  They can click the link and pay with any credit card or checking account.

Quick-click™ was designed to cover the basics of a shopping cart and give merchants an easy way to collect payments online.  For merchants that do high level e-Commerce, we suggest looking into a more robust shopping cart that will offer extra functionality.  For a list of the shopping carts that we are integrated with, click here. If you are interested in signing-up with Easy Pay Direct, just click the button below!

  • Frank Kern Frank Kern

    “I am a very very happy client of Easy Pay Direct. Getting set up with them was really really simple and very very professional. I did not have to jump through a lot of hoops. The paperwork was done in a very organized fashion. Everybody was in touch with my team every single step of the way… I am very happy to recommend them to anybody under any circumstances”

    Check out Frank’s story here!

    Frank Kern Inc.
    Frank Kern
  • Heather Seitz Heather Seitz

    Thank you SO much for following up. It speaks volumes about how you guys do business over there for sure… 

    Emailability LLC
    Heather Seitz
  • Colin Egbert Colin Egbert

    “Besides getting us a great rate, they really helped us get our money released after we did a launch and had a bunch of money held. They are always quick to respond, always keeps us in the loop, and always shoot straight”

    Colin Egbert
  • Amzi Marsh Amzi Marsh

    “Easy Pay Direct is a user friendly system that when coupled with exceptional customer service – gives any business owner peace of mind. Big Thanks EPD!”

    Tu Accion En Vision
    Amzi Marsh
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