Enterprise Merchant Solutions


As an ecommerce merchant, you need the fastest, easiest way to accept customer payments, in a form convenient for both parties.

Getting an internet merchant account is the first step toward accepting online credit card payments.

As a high-risk ecommerce merchant, you can expect to pay more in fees, at least initially. That’s compensating for the additional risk taken by the vendor.

Enterprise payment solutions provide high-risk businesses with a way to generate more sales and revenue.

Customers seek not only ease of payment, but first-rate security. The right merchant solutions play a key role in the success of your business.

Enterprise payment options include:


Payment gateways are the software by which a merchant enterprise processes credit and debit cards. The term refers to all payment portals for internet merchant credit card accounts.

These run the gamut from online payment portals, mobile payment systems, or Point of Sale terminals in a physical store.

When ordering via the internet, payment gateway services integrate with your shopping cart.

Any merchant engaged in ecommerce requires a payment gateway. International payment gateway services permit global customers to pay in their currency through international credit card processing.

By setting up an easy merchant account, your business can process electronic payments.

If you’re a high-risk business, look for payment gateway services specializing in the unique needs of these companies.

Payment gateway services change constantly as improved technology comes along.

For instance, chips have replaced magnetic strips on cards, and contactless payment is exploding. Your enterprise merchant solution remains state-of-the-art.


Electronic checks, or echecks, are the preferred payment method for many customers.

They are also preferable for many high-risk merchants, as echecks are far less vulnerable to chargebacks than credit card payments.

Echecks are the equivalent of paper checks, just in an electronic format. They don’t come at the same risk level as paper checks because verification takes place.

Automated clearing house (ACH) payments go through the bank directly.

The ACH network connects all U.S. banking and financial institutions.

Although similar to echecks, ACH differs because it involves older technology.

Not all high-risk merchants are eligible for ACH services, but that is not the case with echecks.

Check and ACH services offer lower fees than credit card processing, faster approvals, no processing limits and money in your merchant account within one business day.


Omnichannel payments allow you to integrate all aspects of a transaction. This includes the complete integration of online and brick-and-mortar stock.

For instance, if an item is not available online, an omnichannel payment platform lets you inform the customer that it is available in a local retail store.

Keeping track of all merchandise and transactions on one platform provides you with a tremendous advantage.

Customers appreciate the improved service. With just one entry point, the customer receives a customized shopping experience.

Omnichannel payments equate to higher sales volume, as customers choose the way they want to pay.


Gift cards and loyalty programs can boost business in major ways. Both are great promotional tools.

A loyalty program, such as a reward or points card, keeps customers coming back for discounts and other features.

Physical gift cards, e-gift cards, and mobile gift cards make great gifts. If a customer doesn’t spend the entire gift card amount in one visit, they’ll come back again to complete the redemption and probably spend more money.

Even if they don’t return, you keep the unspent revenue. It’s a win-win!

Neither of these programs requires manual tracking because the system keeps track of everything.


A high-risk merchant may also prove to be a high volume merchant.

If you process at least $100,000 per month, a high volume merchant account permits you to grow your business to the level you desire with enhanced security.

This advanced merchant solution is not available for all high-risk merchants, but it is possible to qualify.

Expect approval to take longer than that of a low to mid-risk enterprise. Much depends on a strong merchant account history, with few chargebacks or fraud or security issues.


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