How to do a Batch Upload

When uploading batch files, 50,000 transactions can be run within 90 minutes.

Text Instructions for Batch Uploads with the Easy Pay Direct Gateway

Step 1: Login to merchant’s gateway account.

Step 2: Click on ‘Batch Upload’ from the ‘Main Menu’ under ‘Other Services’.

EPD Gateway



Step 3: Click ‘Choose File’ to select the file that you wish to upload.

Merchants can create a .csv, .xls, .txt  transaction file to upload for processing. When creating this file, transactions can be mixed (i.e. auth, credit, sale, etc.).

EPD Gateway - 2


Step 4: Select ‘Format’ from one of the two options available.

Option 1: Auto Detect File Format will intelligently read the information within the file allowing the user to confirm the type of information in the respective field.

Option 2: Use Selected Format.

EPD Gateway - 3



Step 5: Using Auto Detect.

Auto Detect determines the field names based on the uploaded file. Fields with red asterisks are required fields as set by the Affiliate.

EPD Gateway - 4


Select the drop down box and select the appropriate header for each column. If the field is not required, select ‘Ignore this Field’.

** Note: You have the option to ‘Save Format for Future Use’ for subsequent processing.

EPD Gateway - 5


Step 6: Click ‘Next’ to complete the Batch Upload

Upon completion of the batch processing, the complete batch file can be viewed by clicking the blue batch name.

How do you Configure Formats?
There is also an option to create a format for your batch files. Configuring batch formats will allow the system to identify order and field types you commit.

Step 1: Select the ‘Configure Formats’ icon from the top menu in the Batch Uploads feature.

EPD Gateway - 6

Step 2: Click ‘Add Batch Format’.

EPD Gateway - 7

Step 3: Configure the settings for a new file format.

**Note: Fields with red asterisk are required fields set by the Affiliate

EPD Gateway - 8


Step 4: Click Save to complete after filling out all the necessary fields.

Step 5: File format has been successfully added.

EPD Gateway - 9


Step 6: New file format is listed under the Batch Upload File Formats menu. Options to View, Edit, Delete or Make Default are available. Click View to see the configuration.

EPD Gateway - 10


Step 7: From the view menu, the merchant also has the option to edit the file format. Click Edit, at the bottom of the page, to access the file format’s configuration menu.


EPD Gateway - 11