***ClickFunnels and Multiple Merchant Accounts***

Jan 10, 2017

Clickfunnels isn’t ONLY Stripe & Braintree!

Owning one’s own business is hard work. Owning a “High Risk” business is even harder. The problem there is that most eCommerce is considered “high risk”.

The phrase “High Risk” probably conjures images of shady business practices, illegal products, or operating out of the back room of a Nigerian bar, but the truth is much less exciting –
..and applies to TONS of
very reputable entrepreneurs.

Does Your Business:

  • Sell products online?
  • Have recurring billing?
  • Use any autoship programs/subscription services/Informational Products?
  • Sell eCigarettes online?
  • Have any Weight loss products?

These can all be considered high risk, too.

Even dating sites and coaching businesses fall in this category.

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Why does it matter if a business is considered to be a ‘high risk” business?
Many payment providers (Stripe and PayPal included) have limitations in place that prevent them from working with “High Risk” businesses, and those policies result in abrupt account closure, often with little or no warning.

Without credit card processing services, a business goes belly up. That’s why ClickFunnels was so eager to partner with Easy Pay Direct. We specialize in high volume, high risk payment processing services and make sure a business has access to its funds when they are needed most.

With our in-house support team, proprietary gateway technology, and deep relationships with both foreign and local banks, Easy Pay Direct excels at helping businesses get merchant accounts approved and keeping them open. Put simply:

Our mission is to make your life easier by making merchant account stress a distant memory.

We are excited to be offering that same level of ease to all of the businesses on the ClickFunnels platform.


Put simply, ClickFunnels is a one-stop shop for nearly every marketing tool your business needs to not just survive, but thrive. It’s a tool that allows businesses to create sales funnels, product launch pages, lead generation systems, and even as e-commerce systems with simple drag and drop functionality. And with a little help from Youtube videos marketing experts the more youtube views you already have the more you will get in the future, hence enhancing your presence in the market and improving your sales.

But what got us to agree to partner with Clickfunnels and what sets them apart from the rest is their customization and focus on the bigger picture. While other Other companies make great standalone pages, ClickFunnels gives businesses everything they need to run a successful business from start to finish – with no technical experience needed.


ClickFunnels consolidates nearly all the marketing systems a business puts to use in one place, saving business owners time and money. Businesses get:

  • wordpress hosting, so that all your web tools are in one place
  • Landing page builder with drag and drop functionality lets you build a page with no experience
  • Webinar funnels to expand revenue streams
  • Split testing software, so that you never have to guess what works
  • Email autoresponder software, which lets you drive sales through your mailing list
  • Plus so much more

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