How to get a merchant account for an adult website

Jul 5, 2023

Searching for the right payment processing solution for your adult site can be exhausting… With complex banking regulations and industry-specific requirements coming into play, things can get a little stressful. However, with the right high-risk payment processor, getting the credit card processing you need can be an easy process.

Here’s the key… Compare providers and find the one that suits your individual business needs. Not all adult eCommerce stores are the same, and certain payment providers will only work with certain types of products and offers.

Plus, not all payment processors are equal. As an adult shopping website, you’ll want a processor that offers chargeback mitigation, fraud prevention, a dedicated point of contact and decline recovery.

Adult sites vary greatly in their payment processing needs. Whether you operate a webcam business, sell sex toys, or operate an adult bookstore, it’s important to note that different regulations apply, there are different rates for processing, and varying levels of risk are involved.

One important thing to note… All adult websites require age verification. This can be a simple age verification page and most processors will not approve you without one.

Navigating Payment Processing for Adult Sites

The best adult payment processors understand your unique requirements and offer step-by-step guidance throughout the application process. Although securing the exact account you need can sometimes pose a challenge, companies like Easy Pay Direct make the journey easier, providing insight into the underwriting process.

Speaking of underwriting… As a company selling adult products in any form, you are considered high risk. And your account will require underwriting, which is actually a good thing.

Underwriting allows your merchant account provider and the back-end banks to fully understand your business. Which is how you maintain a worry-free and stable merchant account. Underwriting simply means fewer problems for your business down the road.

It’s important to bear in mind that banks and merchant account providers adhere to strict regulations for adult sites. And these regulations vary from product to product. So when applying for a merchant account, make sure to disclose what you actually sell. Don’t try and cheat the system.

If you do, you’ll only end up with giant headaches down the road. You want to find a provider that is willing to approve you for the products that you sell.

The Broad Spectrum of Adult Sites Requiring Payment Processing

With such a diverse range of adult industries, pinpointing the payment processor that aligns with your specific needs can be time consuming. The first step is identifying your exact vertical. Here’s a snapshot of adult industries that use specialized payment processing:

– Adult Bookstores
– Adult Cruise Lines
– Online Dating
– Adult Magazines
– Pre-recorded Videos
– Sex Toys
– Webcam and Live Video Streaming Sites

Adult website payments

Following the rise of platforms like OnlyFans, a surge of developers have been trying to replicate similar models in related fields. This trend has spurred a rise in adult e-commerce stores and streaming platforms, thus increasing the demand for payment processors and merchant accounts compliant with industry regulations.

Newcomers to the adult industry need to familiarize themselves with the payment technology field, an aspect often overlooked during the development process. It’s essential to secure a legitimate payment processor that accepts your business model.

If you don’t… You’ll spend countless hours of hard work building your site, planning, and ordering inventory, only to get shut down after a week or less of operating.

A Look at the Leading Payment Processor for Adult Sites

Even the best payment processors have to enforce stringent regulations…And even the largest brands have to follow the rules. In 2021, for instance, OnlyFans faced pressure to discontinue their mainstream video content due to constraints from the various card brands – Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover.

A great adult payment solution has expertise in onboarding and maintaining accounts for your specific business model. Whether you need a single account or multiple, Easy Pay Direct can guide you through the process and help you secure the perfect account for your unique business.

As a kicker… Easy Pay Direct offers Transaction Routing. This patent-pending tech allows you to route transactions across multiple merchant accounts. That way if one ever goes down, or you encounter an issue, your other(s) are still up and running.

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