How to use Retail SwIPe with the Easy Pay Direct Gateway

The Retail SwIPe software allows you to connect a USB Swipe device or chip reader to your computer and process payments through your Easy Pay Direct Gateway.  SwIPe is a Microsoft Windows based PC application.  While this makes us sad, there isn’t currently a mac version of Retail SwIPe.  

Step 1: Login as the ADMIN on the gateway account.

Step 2: Click ‘SwIPe Software’ from the ‘Main Menu’ under ‘Software Apps’.

EPD Gateway

Step 3: Important Note

If your gateway account is not set-up for card-present credit card transactions, you may need to open an additional merchant account for these transactions.

EPD Gateway - 2

Step 4: Click ‘Download SwIPe Software Application’ best suited to your needs.

Option A: Single-User

Option B: Multiple Users

EPD Gateway - 3