How to use the QuickBooks SyncPay Plugin

QuickBooks SyncPay eliminates double entries and handles the transactions from start to finish. From processing the transaction to creating the appropriate accounting entry to marking the transaction as paid, QuickBooks SyncPay will handle it all from within the QuickBooks environment.


How do I export transactions to QuickBooks?

Step 1: Login to gateway account as ADMIN.

Step 2: From the ‘Main Menu’, click on ‘QuickBooks’ under ‘Other Services’.

EPD Gateway

Step 3: Click ‘Sign-up’ to proceed.

EPD Gateway - 2

Step 4: All add-on services require a two-step authorization. Once you have clicked ‘Sign Up’ you will be redirected to an additional page where you will have to authorize and agree one final time.


EPD Gateway - 3

Step 5: Enter the date range of settled transactions and click ‘Submit’.


EPD Gateway - 4

Step 6: Enter the ‘Revenue Account’ and the ‘Deposit Account’ (these fields are alphanumeric).  

EPD Gateway - 5